Safeguarding Food and Farms

Our agriculture customers have an enormous responsibility: producing a safe, affordable and abundant food supply.

As production systems and supply chains have expanded to meet the growing demand, consumers’ concerns about food safety risks have multiplied.


We harness research and technology to improve safety across our product portfolio and throughout every product’s lifecycle — from product development  to use, recycling and disposal. At the same time, reliable crop protection is essential: According to the  Food and Agriculture Organization, farmers can lose 20 to 40 percent of their annual harvest to weeds, pests and plant diseases.


BASF crop protection products undergo rigorous consumer testing to ensure they are safe for people. We also conduct years of extensive risk assessments to evaluate the unacceptable effects on plants and animals. Our assessment testing meets or exceeds regulatory standards. We select products that break down after they have protected the crop. Products are only authorized for use after studies verify that any remaining residues are safe for consumers.


BASF works closely with farmers, retailers and others to ensure products are used responsibly and according to label directions. That includes using appropriate levels of product. A significant investment in safety research helps to ensure that all of our agricultural product formulations are safe for workers, farmers and consumers.


Our 2014 Farm Perspectives Study revealed that over 98 percent of U.S. farmers think of themselves as stewards of the land. They take the long view,  working to protect their land and their livelihoods.


We support their stewardship by investing in more efficient crop solutions, sharing our expertise in sustainable agriculture and helping farmers produce safe, healthy food for consumers — while staying safe themselves.