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Credenz® Soybeans

Credibility is Earned

That’s why we rigorously test the full lineup of our Credenz® soybean seed varieties for quality and precision, so we can help you meet the agronomic challenges of your field and prove ourselves through high-yielding performance. Because credibility isn’t just part of our name — it’s our commitment.

Monty Malone, BASF Variety Development Lead, talks about the importance of having varieties that fit your field.

We’re dedicated to bringing you agronomic support, precise varieties and quality seed 

When you plant BASF soybean seed, you get more than a precise soybean variety bred and tested to minimize local weed, pest, and disease pressures. BASF soybean seed brings you:

LibertyLink® GT27® Soybeans

LibertyLink® GT27®, the high-yielding and high-value production system that delivers clean fields without complication for every soybean acre, offers:

Features & Benefits

  • Unprecedented Yield: LibertyLink GT27 is a high-yielding soybean production system.
  • Clean Fields: Provides clean fields through unsurpassed weed control.
  • Crop Rotation: HPPD tolerance* makes it the perfect choice for corn/soy crop rotation recommendations.

*  LibertyLink GT27 is not tolerant to all HPPD herbicides 

** In geographies with soil or crop restrictions, use Zidua® SC at 2.5-3.25 fl. oz./A + tank mix partner such as metribuzin.

LibertyLink GT27 Soybeans Recommended Herbicide Program

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See how Credenz can unlock soybean potential.

Mark Hoobler, BASF U.S. Soybean Agronomy Lead, talks about Credenz LibertyLink GT27.      

Grace Looker, BASF Seed Agronomist, talks about the rigorous series of tests Credenz seeds are put through.

Nick Weidenbenner, BASF Seed Agronomist, discusses how selecting precise varieties can meet your agronomic challenges.