A new mindset and approach to pigweed

The only way to effectively stop resistant pigweed—and prevent a future full of challenges and lost yields—is by taking a different approach. It takes changing our mindsets from managing weeds to eradicating them. Below is the latest news on how farmers, researchers and industry leaders are using that mindset to win the fight.

How new boom priming technology can save you money and benefit your overall weed control

New boom priming technologies can save you time and reduce product waste, providing an overall benefit to your weed control plan.


How Precision Application can lead to better weed control

Weed resistance is driving the need for more effective and precise application of pesticides. Two major factors play a role in this: droplet size and application pressure.


Protect your yields and get better weed control through proper cleanout

When evaluating your weed control plan, it important to consider proper cleanout of your system. It could help protect your yield.


Direct Injection Offers Time Savings and Flexibility

In recent years, weed resistance has made the need to flush out tanks and equipment between pesticides and herbicides more frequent. Direct injection can make the life of a farmer a lot easier by helping to reduce time spent on this chore. Learn more about the number of advantages direct injection systems have in today’s crop systems.