Varisto® Herbicide

Varisto herbicide has multiple sites of action, providing excellent weed control and resistance management. By controlling a wide spectrum of grasses and broad leaf weeds like yellow foxtail and redroot pigweed, Varisto herbicide can help growers grow more confidence in their crop at harvest.

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    Benefits of Varisto® Herbicide

    • Helps to maximize yield potential by delivering a wide spectrum of broadleaf and grass weed control
    • Offers multiple sites of action for excellent weed control and resistance management in a convenient pre-mix formulation

    How Varisto™ Herbicide Works
    A Powerful One-Two Punch
    For additional broad leaf weed control, tank mix Basagran® 5L herbicide with Varisto herbicide, or follow up with an application of Basagran 5L herbicide.


    Always read and follow label directions.

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