Right Balance. Better Yield.

Sustainability in agriculture is about finding a balance between what’s best for today and what’s right for tomorrow.

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BASF Center for Sustainable Agriculture

The BASF Center for Sustainable Agriculture is a place where consumers, farmers, and everyone connected to the agriculture industry can go for information, conversation, and to increase their knowledge on topics that are driving sustainable agriculture forward.


The land you count on to provide for you, your family and your community, counts on you to ensure it’s continued health and vitality. Because that land is alive. And we all need to step up to help ensure long-term, sustained productivity.


BASF has made a global commitment to promote meaningful sustainable farming across the globe. Living Acres, our new North American sustainability initiative, focuses on all elements of sustainability in agriculture to keep our land more alive. It has one goal: to give farmers the tools and technology to protect their land, prioritize its needs, and help it produce for generations to come. 


As a farmer, you are leading the charge—constantly evolving your work to improve crop production and land health. BASF is committed to supporting you through new technologies and innovations. Together, we’ll make sure the greatest industry in the world remains healthy.


Sustainable for Generations - Meet the Zacharias Family

he Zacharias family of Kathryn, North Dakota, has accomplished what few farmers have these days – building and maintaining a family farm for six generations. Now the family’s three sons are excited to be part of ensuring the farm, Future Vision Partnership, remains in the family for generations to follow.

Growing Crops, Not Emissions: How Carbon Farming Could Help Tackle Climate Change

Kasey Bamberger, a third-generation farmer in Ohio, talks about the US carbon farming craze and the farm's experiences with a few carbon farming practices.

e3® Sustainable Cotton

e3® Sustainable Cotton directly connects all members of the cotton fiber value chain, from cotton farmers to brands and retailers.

Living Acres #MonarchChallenge

Through the #MonarchChallenge, we are doing our part to help restore the monarch butterfly population.

Farming is the Biggest Job on Earth and its reach truly impacts everyone across the globe. Our North American sustainability initiative, Living Acres, will expand beyond biodiversity and provides a holistic effort to support agricultural sustainability in three key ways

Farmers First

No one knows more about the essential nature of agriculture than the men and women who live that life every day. That’s why we’ve put farmers and their communities at the center of our business.

Smart Stewardship

Farmers are empowered with the latest tools and smartest technology to do their jobs more effectively and efficiently—all so they can produce more, while using less.

Innovation & Influence

Partnering with farmers, researchers, and scientists to develop innovations for sustainable farming that will continue to propel our industry forward.