BASF is pacing the industry and supporting growers with a strong legacy and bright future in innovation.

We’ve been a pioneer and pacesetter in researching and developing new active ingredients to combat fungal diseases in crops. We’re also creating solutions with proven Plant Health benefits like growth efficiency and stress tolerance. We’re not just creating fungicides. We’re setting milestones and changing the game.

BASF was at the forefront of innovation when we introduced strobilurin fungicides, developing kresoxim-methyl as the first active ingredient in this class. This led BASF to development of the first strobilurin on the market — a launch that marked a milestone in the history of fungicides.


In our continuing focus on developing new strobilurins, we created F500®, which controls even more fungal pathogens in a greater number of cultivated crops. Boscalid has also proved its effectiveness and performs well especially on grains and specialty crops.


Initium®, another BASF innovation, is the first active ingredient in a brand-new chemical class, broadening our product portfolio to control downy mildew for specialty crop growers.


Xemium® is an active ingredient from the class of carboxamides, helping farmers around the world control key fungal diseases in various crops, including soybean (soybean rust) and grains (septoria).


As our strong focus on research continues, look for innovative new active ingredients from BASF that will set new milestones in disease control and give growers an ever-broadening product portfolio of fungicide solutions for powerful disease control and proven Plant Health benefits.