Innovating insect management solutions in agriculture

As essential tools for controlling insect pests, insecticides improve the quality of life for humans, domestic animals and livestock. In agriculture, BASF offers a broad portfolio of innovative solutions to growers that help maintain the health, quality and yield of their crops.

High performance insecticides

Global population growth continues to intensify the competition for the share of the earth’s resources required by humans and insect pests. Historically, and especially since the 1940s, successive generations of synthetic insecticides and biological products have contributed to the richness of low-risk and effective pest management technologies available today.


The BASF portfolio of insecticides works to prevent insect damage and infestations that affect the quality and quantity of crops. Our research focuses on developing modern insecticides for use in pest and resistance management programs that are safe for humans and beneficial insects, including pollinators. BASF continues to build innovative, broad-spectrum solutions for our customers that address insect challenges of today and tomorrow.