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    "A few days ago, I was talking with my local BASF rep, and he got me all set up with the program. He gave me a lot of product info as well that I need to look over since I will be planting corn, soybeans, and a little bit of everything next season."


    - Logan Reuman, Presho, SD        



    We’re focused on the best approach for your operation, that's why our portfolio of brands - from seed treatments to insecticides - are included in your financing options.1 Protect your fields from problematic weeds, disease pressure and environmental stress with your BASF team so you can plan on healthier, higher yields.


    We value ease and simplicity at BASF, and that's what you can expect with your application process. John Deere Financial and Rabo AgriFinance provide quick, straightforward applications so you can secure the best products in less time.


    More choices combined with transparent pricing and product performance are the best ways to achieve success. Your BASF sales team will work with you to form a plan tackling issues that matter to you most - resistant weeds, local disease pressures or other yield-robbing challenges.

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    Offer Details

    Beginning October 1, 2023, growers will have access to 1.99% APR financing with payment terms in November 2024. Cotton seed will remain at 0% APR financing starting February 1, 2024 through September 30, 2024.

    • Interest will begin acrruing on October 1, 2023.
    • Standard Terms vary and are determined by the grower agreement with John Deere Financial or Rabo Agrifinance.
    • All products financed prior to May 1, 2023 will not be affected by this change and will still have 0% Fixed APR until December 2023.
    • FiberMax and Stoneville Cotton 0% Fixed APR will not change.
    BASF 2024 Grower Finance Chart






          Or call 1-800-356-9033 to have an application mailed to you




          Or call 1-888-395-8505 to have an application mailed to you




    Terms and Conditions

    1. Eligible Grower purchasing one or more Participating Brands through a Retailer that is also a John Deere Financial Merchant or Rabo Agrifinance Authorized Retailer can qualify for the financing Incentive on purchases within the Program Period if Grower meets the Minimum Initial Purchase.

    • The Incentive will start on the date of purchase, which may be prior to product delivery.

    • Products that are purchased from a known reseller, as determined by BASF, will not qualify under this Program.

    • Payment will be due in full per the Payment Terms.


    2. Fungicide Application Financing: Aerial Application fees up to $15.00/acre through a BASF Authorized Aerial Applicator, Ground Application fees up to $7.50/acre, and/or Chemigation fees up to $5.00/acre can be financed if the Grower purchases at least one of the following fungicides: Cabrio® fungicide, Caramba® fungicide, Cevya® fungicide, Endura® fungicide, Forum® fungicide, Headline AMP® fungicide, Headline® EC fungicide, Headline® SC fungicide, Merivon® fungicide, Nexicor® fungicide, Priaxor® fungicide, Pristine® fungicide, Provysol® fungicide, Revytek® fungicide, Sercadis® fungicide, Sphaerex™ fungicide, Veltyma® fungicide, Vivando® fungicide, or Zampro® fungicide


    3. Eligibility:

    • John Deere Financial Merchants: this Program is limited to John Deere Financial Multi-Use Agricultural Preferred Account Customers with a Special Terms credit limit. All participants are subject to John Deere Financial™ approval and merchant participation. All John Deere Financial Multi-Use terms and conditions covering account activity shall apply.

    • Rabo AgriFinance Authorized Retailers: this Program is limited to Quick Link Credit account holders. All participants are subject to Rabo AgriFinance approval and Authorized Retailer participation. All Rabo AgriFinance terms and conditions covering account activity shall apply.


    4. Effective for all states in the United States.


    5. Program is subject to change or cancellation without notice. Changes to or cancellation of the Program will not impact previously posted transactions.