Unlock the potential of your fields.

It all starts with selecting the right variety for your agronomic conditions. With the range of seed varieties and genetics from BASF, you can choose the seed with defense packages and herbicide-tolerant traits that’s best suited to your local conditions. These flexible seed options enable you to overcome production challenges to maximize the value of your crop with high yields and quality.


You need varieties that reliably deliver premium quality and high yield in a trait package with pest management tools tailored to efficiently control your toughest weeds and insects. FiberMax® and Stoneville® varieties and the robust portfolio of BASF crop protection products provide the economic advantage you need today.


High-Performing, Regionally Adapted Varieties
Every region, every farm and every field requires highly adaptive germplasm with well-suited agronomic properties for soil type, irrigation scheme or dryland, disease and pests, and farming practices. Through the continual advancements of industry-leading germplasm, FiberMax and Stoneville varieties offer you the traits and characteristics needed for each region.


Credenz® soybeans are designed using smart genetics. This means our state-of-the-art breeding advances the highest potential germplasm at each step of the breeding process to provide tailored varieties to fit any field conditions. Plus, Credenz offers a choice in top weed control traits to protect your yield potential. This smart attention to detail, coupled with a dedication to ongoing innovation, makes Credenz soybeans the smarter choice for your fields.


InVigor® canola hybrids revolutionized the industry with their ability to deliver vigorous early-season growth, uniformity in height and maturity, superior genetic potential for yield and – most importantly – the ability to consistently outperform other hybrids and canola varieties, even under stressful growing conditions. That's why InVigor continues to lead yield rankings in a multitude of trials.