Grow soybeans that yield success.

From North Dakota to Louisiana, growers in the soybean belt face many different challenges, but one is the same for all: getting more yield out of each acre and more profitability out of the entire crop.

Progressive soybean growers know that applying traditional crop protection programs to their fields today can be costly, both in terms of the cost itself and in yield losses.


That’s why, through our Grow SmartTM with BASF approach, your BASF team looks at how to help you get the best return on your investment by looking at every aspect of your soybean operation. When you make BASF solutions part of your soybean crop maintenance schedule, you get performance you can depend on and the confidence to farm your way.


And you get more of what you farm for—maximized yield and profit potential, even at a time of lower prices. No matter what challenges you face, BASF can help protect your investment from seed to harvest, so you can get the most, soybean acre after soybean acre.


Talk to your BASF representative or authorized retailer about how to Grow SmartTM with BASF, and use our products to grow soybeans that yield success.

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