Grow cotton that’s bursting with yield potential.

As a $25-billion-per-year industry in the U.S, cotton is a vitally important crop, and as a cotton grower, you have a lot at stake. BASF partners with you to get every ounce of potential out of your fields.

From seed treatments to pest controls to people working with you in your cotton fields, BASF works closely with you to help you protect your crops and yields and get the most, acre after acre. We deliver a complete grower experience—field-tested solutions, agronomic insights, and customized recommendations to help you overcome every challenge and help your cotton fields reach their full potential.


And as consumers begin to ask, “where is my cotton coming from?”, BASF offers its e3 cotton program in which high-quality, certified FiberMax® and authentic, storied Stoneville® cotton seed can be traced from the farmer to the gin and right through to the merchant, mills and retailer. It’s BASF’s commitment to sustainable production and how BASF connects cotton brands and farmers. Read more about e3.

Cotton Planting Forecasting

Growing cotton is an art, but it helps to have some science to determine when to plant and kick off the season with your FiberMax cotton seed. And once again, BASF brings the science.

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