Pacing the industry and supporting growers with a strong legacy and bright future in innovation.

Every grower knows weeds reduce the yield and quality of valuable crops. BASF has a long and distinguished track record of providing growers with innovative weed control solutions to help not only with yields and quality, but also resistance management, especially as more weeds grow resistant to inputs like glyphosate.

BASF has a long and distinguished track record of providing growers with innovative weed control solutions. Launched in 1949, our pioneering U46 was the first selective herbicide mainly used in cereals. Other herbicide innovations, like Basagran®, followed in the mid-1970s. Used with Poast®, it made no-till farming (planting crops with minimal soil disturbance) possible for the first time. More recently, award-winning Sharpen® herbicide, powered by Kixor® technology, has led the way in no-till fields featuring a unique chemistry that provides foliar and soil activity on today’s toughest weeds.


Kixor® herbicide is part of a long line of modern herbicides developed by BASF. Used on its own or in a mixture with glyphosate, Kixor herbicide is applied prior to crop planting for fast and complete burndown of more than 80 different weeds, including those resistant to glyphosate. This provides improved planting efficiency and greater timing flexibility. Kixor herbicide can also be used as a pre-emergence herbicide in corn and sorghum to control many major weeds without having to use triazine.


The most recent breakthrough for BASF in weed control solutions is Engenia® herbicide, the most flexible and advance dicamba for dicamba-tolerant soybeans and cotton. BASF invented dicamba more than 50 years ago, but with Engenia herbicide, BASF wiped the slate clean and built a new dicamba from the molecule up.


With a heavier molecular weight, and a stronger chemical bond, Engenia herbicide delivers an effective, on-target solution growers desperately need, especially in the fight against a growing number of resistant weed species. With its additional site of action, Engenia herbicide is effective on more than 200 broadleaf weeds including glyphosate-resistant weeds. It’s a broad-spectrum solution that controls the toughest weeds like Palmer amaranth, waterhemp, velvetleaf, morningglory and giant ragweed.