Dinner Is Grown

Now, more than ever, people are asking the important questions of how food is grown, where it comes from and how it gets to our dinner plates.


On November 17, Paul Rea, Senior Vice President, for BASF Agricultural Solutions, will host our second annual Dinner is Grown event. We will virtually gather farmers, media and community voices from across the country to discuss the important questions and take you along the journey of preparing food for America's tables. We will spend the evening making connections, building relationships, and having critical conversations to foster a greater understanding between today's farmers and consumers.


Check back after the event for more information, photos and videos.



Q&A: PAUL REA from Successful Farming

'Dinner Is Grown' focus on sustainable agriculture



Discussing Ag Issues One Meal at a Time

Paul Rea shares his take on a one-of-a-kind event

No matter where you live or what you do for a living, we all share one common denominator - food. It nourishes us and sustains our health but it's more than that. It defines our culture, shapes our experiences, evokes emotion and perhaps most importantly, it brings us together. 

Press release

First-ever Dinner Is Grown event brought together farmer, media and consumer voices

On May 2, at an intimate dinner on an old dairy farm, Paul Rea, SVP of Agricultural Solutions North America, hosted farmers, media and consumer voices for an engaging discussion about the challenges of modern farming and agriculture. The dinner was prepared with local ingredients supplied in part by the farmers in attendance, including sweet potatoes and strawberries from Leggett Farming Partnership.



Farming Stories

As the challenges of feeding a growing population increase, our role is to help farmers grow healthy, high quality food safely, and protect the land that we all hold in trust for future generations. For BASF, sustainability is a state of mind. It is embedded in everything we do, from R&D to manufacturing, and is a fundamental focus for collaboration projects to promote sustainable agriculture.