Dinner is Grown

Now, more than ever, people are asking the important questions of how food is grown, where it comes from and how it gets to our dinner plates.


BASF Agricultural Solutions started Dinner is Grown in 2019 to gather farmers, media and community voices from across the country to discuss the important questions and take you along the journey of preparing food for America's tables.


The purpose of Dinner is Grown is to make connections, build relationships, and have critical conversations to foster a greater understanding between today's farmers and consumers.



Dinner Conversation

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The Dinner is Grown discussion is important to have all of the time. However, throughout the year we put issues front and

center at a dinner table filled with growers, influencers, members of the media and BASF representatives. The events are the

perfect pairing of good food and great conversation.

Discussing Ag Issues One Meal at a Time

Paul Rea shares his take on a one-of-a-kind event

No matter where you live or what you do for a living, we all share one common denominator - food. It nourishes us and sustains our health but it's more than that. It defines our culture, shapes our experiences, evokes emotion and perhaps most importantly, it brings us together. 

What Media and Influencers Are Saying About Dinner is Grown

Stories from Dinner is Grown

Brand new sustainability-focused venue hosts Dinner is Grown

Farmers and consumers can feel like they’re a world apart, but in reality, there are shared ideals when it comes to food – the desire for quality food that’s nourishing and produced in a responsible manner. 

Consumers, media, and farmers come together to discuss sustainability, transparency, and giving farmers a voice

On a hot and humid evening in July, two farmers finished up their long day in the field, five national journalists took a break from impending deadlines, and two dieticians wrapped up their daily meetings with clients and logged into a videoconference to participate in the third Dinner is Grown event hosted by BASF Agricultural Solutions. 

Unrecognizable person picking fresh, ripe strawberries, copy space