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Celebrate National Volunteer Week and Create Chemistry in Your Community


 As we celebrate National Volunteer Week, it’s an important reminder to companies to take inventory of the impact we’re having in our community. In our organization we focus on local communities (where we live and work) but also make sure that we have some broader national focus areas for our outreach that align with our skills, expertise and business so we can have maximum impact.

BASF’s e3 Sustainable Cotton and Raleigh Denim Workshop: Disrupting the Fashion Industry as We Know It

e3 Sustainable Cotton tells a story. It tells the story of the farmer, the cotton, and it connects all of the players in the value chain from seed creation through to the consumer. It all starts with BASF and the creation of the cotton seed, from there the seed goes to the cotton farmer, the cotton gin, textile mills, and ultimately the consumer.

BASF and commodity associations recognize future ag leaders

In an effort to foster the next crop of talented agriculture students and professionals, BASF teamed up with industry-leading commodities to award academic scholarships to students who display profound enthusiasm and passion for agriculture.