BASF Plant Science Certification

There are more than 100 professions that work with plants, in fields spanning science, technology and business, according to Seed Your Future. Furthermore, agri-business careers are highly rewarding, both in terms of salary and one's contributions to food and farm innovations that benefit society.

BASF is proud to offer the BASF Plant Science Certification which is designed to prepare the future leaders of plant and agricultural sciences. The certification verifies individuals have acquired the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in a variety of plant, natural and environmental science related fields. 

Meeting the Industry Need

The BASF Plant Science Certification assesses industry-valued and industry-recognized standards. The certification validates individuals are prepared to play a vital role in ensuring agricultural productivity. Additionally, the certification allows employers to identify and connect with more skilled candidates, filling gaps in the labor market and jump-starting individuals’ careers.

Industry Standards

The certification exam consists of 100 questions and assesses knowledge and skills from the following weighted industry standards:

Plant Anatomy

Classification & Nomenclature

Plant Processes

Plant Genetics

Crop Production

Plant Pests

Fertilizers, Pesticides & Herbicides

Water Resources

Why We Created This Certification

At BASF, we create chemistry for a sustainable future. To provide our customers with value we must effectively manage the present and anticipate the future. One way we accomplish this is to make a long-term investment in education. BASF helps prepare future leaders in agriculture by participating in education initiatives like the BASF Plant Science Certification. This certification assesses individuals for an in-depth understanding of the principles of plant science that will not only benefit them for the rest of their careers, but application of their knowledge will create sustainable solutions for farmers, agriculture and society. 


“At BASF, our goal is to build a sustainable future for agriculture through scientific innovation.  The BASF Plant Science Certification will provide a foundation to build on for tomorrow’s leaders as they seek to meet societal demands for food and fiber.”

- Ginger Light, Ph.D., TD Trait Introgression and Greenhouse Manager, BASF

Testing Platform

BASF hosts the certification on the iCEV Testing Platform. As the testing platform, iCEV fulfills the following responsibilities:

  • Provides secure testing technology for certification exams
  • Regulates testing environment
  • Works with secondary and post-secondary academic institutions, workforce development associations and the public-at-large to offer certification options for career advancement
  • Provides certification verification to employers for potential job applicants
  • Offers certification exam preparation materials


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