Win the race against weed control with Surtain™ herbicide

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In 2021, U.S. farmers spent $2.2 billion to control weeds in corn fields alone.1 With resistance numbers climbing every year, many farmers feel like they’re struggling to keep up in the race against weed control.


How can they keep pace with this ever-evolving challenge? According to Kurt Maertens, Technical Service Representative for BASF Agricultural Solutions, the key is to get an early start.


Pending EPA approval in early 2024, BASF plans to introduce Surtain™ herbicide to the market. Thanks to novel BASF technology, Surtain herbicide revolutionizes early season weed control by giving farmers more power in their early season applications and helping to keep them from chasing weeds throughout the season.

The Surtain Difference

"For corn growers who understand that a good harvest begins with a good foundation, Surtain herbicide is the tool they didn't know they were looking for," said Alexandre Neves, Corn Pre-Herbicide Product Manager at BASF. "This truly different product combines the benefits of residual control, flexibility in application, and a unique chemistry combo that can equal success for corn farmers."


One of the key advantages of Surtain herbicide is its ability to bring together group 14 and 15 herbicides in an early post application timing, providing farmers with more power in their early season applications. This innovative approach helps ensure that targeted weeds are effectively controlled or suppressed, including challenging ones like waterhemp and giant ragweed.

The First of its Kind

“BASF innovation is grounded in solving problems, Neves said. “That’s why we developed this novel and user-friendly solid encapsulation technology that allows corn farmers to have the power experienced with residual chemistry into the pre- or early-post application time.”


What makes a solid encapsulated herbicide noteworthy? Through the naked eye, the herbicide still remains a liquid, but on a microscopic level this first-of-its-kind formulation allows the active ingredient to be protected in a solid form. This helps ensure that the utmost crop safety can be maintained while simultaneously achieving top-notch weed control.


This technology allows Surtain herbicide to have two powerful sites of action without relying on an HPPD inhibitor. This not only helps take care of weeds today but also improves resistance management,furthering long-term effectiveness.


“Unlike many other corn herbicides on the market, Surtain herbicide is not just a repackaged version of existing chemistry,” Neves said. “By using Surtain herbicide, farmers help prevent the development of HPPD-resistant weeds and reduce the potential for escalating problems.”

The Future of Flexibility

With Surtain herbicide, farmers can enjoy up to eight weeks of residual control, providing peace of mind during the critical early season. This extended control helps corn crops to grow without competition from weeds, maximizing yield potential. This offers a user-friendly solution that helps maximizes efficiency and minimizes the need for resprays.


The flexibility of Surtain herbicide is another standout feature. It can be applied up to three weeks after planting, giving farmers a wider window for successful applications, which was an application never available before with a PPO herbicide.


The combination of group 14 and 15 herbicides in Surtain herbicide helps provides control that is typically not available at emergence. Additionally, Surtain herbicide is an excellent tank mix partner2 and has enhanced liquid fertilizer compatibility.

Backed by BASF

Once registered and made available for sale, Surtain herbicide will be the newest addition to BASF's portfolio of innovative solutions for the corn acre. BASF is committed to bringing progressive solutions to the corn grower, and this is just the latest innovation to bring new solutions to meet the needs of your acre. This novel herbicide for corn from BASF empowers farmers to focus on the future of their crops, rather than worrying about weed management.


"With Surtain herbicide, corn farmers won't be chasing weeds," Maertens said. "By providing power, flexibility, and control, Surtain helps ensure that farmers can confidently reach the finish line first."

Surtain herbicide is not registered and is not available for sale. This information is provided for educational purposes only and is not intended to promote the sale of the product. Any sale of this product after registration is obtained shall be based solely on the EPA approved product label, and any claim regarding product safety and efficacy shall be addressed solely by the label.


Always read and follow label directions. Surtain is a trademark of BASF. © 2024 BASF Corporation. All rights reserved.



1 Source: EMS third party market data excludes glyphosate, atrazine, and 2,4-D; resistance data, 2018;

2 Before mixing components, always conduct a compatibility jar test. Always consult respective product labels for specific mixing instructions. The most restrictive label applies.