2020 BASF Agronomic Advantage


Good business comes from good agronomics. That’s why BASF is introducing the 2020 BASF Agronomic Advantage. Focused on providing the right agronomic solution for the highest yield potential, the 2020 BASF Agronomic Advantage allows the flexibility to choose the best agronomic solution for your farm.



The 2020 BASF Agronomic Advantage makes your herbicide decision simpler.



Make an agronomic plan with your agronomist, BASF Authorized Retailer or BASF representative.




The 2020 BASF Agronomic Advantage focuses on the best agronomic approach to get you cleaner fields and higher yields. Our agronomic program is focused on what works for you, on your farm



You work with your local trusted advisors to make the best plan. We kept our program simple – no calculator required. You earn higher yields and a stewardship incentive from BASF for the products you used.



With the 2020 BASF Agronomic Advantage, you choose the products and practices that are best for you and your farm.

On-farm ERADICATION of herbicide-resistant weeds is possible with the right tools:



Herbicide Tactics


  • Spray at appropriate timing and weed size
  • Use labeled rates
  • Optimize applications
  • Overlap residuals
  • Use multiple EFFECTIVE sites of action

Non-herbicide Tactics


  • Scouting
  • Tillage
  • Manual control
  • Narrow rows
  • Crop diversity, i.e., cover crops
  • Equipment sanitation

Layering sites of action is critical.

Right Rates, Right Products, Right Sites of Action.


BASF Brand
Armezon® herbicide 27
Armezon PRO herbicide 15, 27
Basagran® 5L herbicide 6
Beyond®/Raptor®, Cadre®, Newpath®, Pursuit® herbicide 2
Clearpath® herbicide 2, 4, 26
Engenia®, Clarity® herbicide 4
Facet® L herbicide 4, 26
Liberty®, Rely® herbicide 10
BASF Brand
Outlook® herbicide 15
Poast®, Provisia® herbicide 1
Prowl® H2O, Prowl 3.3 EC herbicide 3
Sharpen®, Treevix® herbicide 14
Status®, Distinct® herbicide 4, 19
Varisto® herbicide 2,6
Verdict® herbicide 14, 15
Zidua® herbicide 15
Zidua PRO herbicide 2, 14, 15



Program Period: October 1, 2019, through September 30, 2020.

Help prevent resistance with multiple sites of action and earn.



Purchase two participating BASF herbicides and matching acres will earn $0.50/A. Additional herbicide purchases, matched acres earn $0.50/A.



All BASF-branded herbicides1

Effective Areas: All states within the U.S. or as specified within Program Details.


1 Excludes private-label Clarity, Optill and Poast herbicides. Refer to full program terms and conditions for further details. Visit www.AgronomicAdvantage.com for full list of participating BASF herbicides.




Program Period: October 1, 2019, through September 30, 2020


And that begins with the seed.



Purchase Credenz® seed and two BASF qualifying soybean herbicides and growers may earn $2/A.


Purchase InVigor® canola seed and Liberty herbicide and growers may earn $50/seed unit.


Purchase FiberMax® and/or Stoneville® cotton seed and Engenia and/or Liberty herbicide and growers may earn $6.40/A.



Credenz seed, Engenia herbicide*, Liberty herbicide*, Outlook herbicide, Prowl herbicide, Verdict herbicide Zidua SC herbicide, Zidua PRO herbicide and Zidua WG herbicide


InVigor canola seed Liberty herbicide


FiberMax and Stoneville cotton seed, Engenia herbicide, Liberty herbicide

Effective Areas: All states within the U.S. or as specified within the program details.


* Liberty and/or Engenia are required as one of the BASF Soybean herbicides to earn incentive Refer to full program terms and conditions at www.AgronomicAdvantage.com for further details.




Finance your BASF crop protection and seed purchases with 0% financing.1

0% Fixed APR

Talk to your BASF Authorized Retailer to finance your BASF purchases through John Deere Financial or Rabo AgriFinance. Purchase three or more BASF brands with a minimum sales value of $15,000 and get 0% financing.


All season long and with no payments due until December 2020!2

1 Terms and conditions apply. Refer to full program terms and conditions at www.AgronomicAdvantage.com for further details.


2 Cotton seed purchases are due in January 2021.



Engenia Herbicide is a U.S. EPA Restricted-Use Pesticide.



Always read and follow label directions.



Refer to full program terms and conditions for further details. Armezon, Basagran, Beyond, Cadre, Clarity, Clearpath, Credenz, Distinct, Engenia, Facet, FiberMax, Invigor, Liberty, Newpath, Optill, Outlook, Poast, Pursuit, Provisia, Prowl, Raptor, Rely, Sharpen, Status, Stoneville, TwinLink, Treevix, Varisto, Verdict and Zidua are registered trademarks of BASF. John Deere Finance is a registered trademark of Deere & Company. Rabo AgriFinance is a registered trademark of Rabobank. © 2019 BASF Corporation. All rights reserved. 19-COM-0003.


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