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The next generation of seed treatment joins the Poncho® family

Every growing season comes with its own struggles and challenges, but the spring of 2019 will linger in many memories. The Midwest was ravaged by late snows and constant rain, leaving many growers wondering if they would ever plant their crop.


Ben Reuter, an oat, soybean and corn grower from southwest Wisconsin, is a third-generation farmer. He farms with his brothers, and they all felt the pressure of getting their corn crop in the ground on time despite weather conditions. Luckily, they were able to plant by the end of April.


“But around the first of May, we got 8 inches of snow that nobody saw coming,” said Reuter. “You normally don’t get a significant snow like that in May, and that shut us down. We finished planting, probably, two weeks behind schedule.”


It was a similar experience for many growers across the Midwest. The wet soils were not conducive to a healthy crop and a high yield, but Reuter planted his corn crop knowing it would be protected by the Poncho® Votivo® 2.0 seed treatment system*.


“This was my second year using Poncho Votivo 2.0, and we had some of our best corn emergence with it,” said Reuter. “It held up a lot better than some of the other treated corn that was planted at the same time.”


Early-season protection for higher yield potential
“Most of a crop’s yield is determined in the first four to six weeks of growth,” said Pamela Calvo Velez, BASF Global and U.S. Fungicide and Biological Lead. “When growers use Poncho Votivo 2.0, it helps plants get off to a great start in that critical, early-season growing period when plants are most vulnerable.”


What helps with that critical early protection are the three components creating Poncho Votivo 2.0 seed treatment system.

  • Poncho: The systemic insecticide is quickly absorbed through the new roots, protecting the plant from insects above and below ground.
  • Votivo: A distinctive bacteria strain creates a living barrier that prevents damage from plant pathogenic nematodes and promotes root and plant growth.
  • TWO.O: A second complementary bacteria increases the productivity of the soil around the root, resulting in an increase of available nutrients for the plant to use.

“The Poncho family of seed treatments has added a new generation of effectiveness, going beyond protection to push productivity through a second biological that improves the health of the soil directly around the roots,” said Calvo Velez. “When planting early, this seed treatment helps seeds absorb the necessary nutrients to create a healthy plant during critical early stages of growth.”


The latest addition to the Poncho family of seed treatments has shown an average yield increase of 3.8 bu/A over the proven Poncho Votivo seed treatment. So far, the yield check for their treated corn is at 235 bu/A, and when asked if he and his brothers would use the Poncho Votivo 2.0 seed treatment system again next year, Reuter simply said: “Yes!”


To learn more about the next-gen Poncho Votivo 2.0 seed treatment system, visit  ponchovotivo2.com or talk to your local seed representative and ensure your legacy’s success.


Always read and follow label directions.
*Poncho Votivo 2.0 seed treatment system is composed of the federally registered Poncho Votivo and the state registered soil amendment TWO.O.
Poncho Votivo and TWO.O are not registered in all states. Poncho and Votivo are registered trademarks of BASF. © 2019 BASF Corporation. All rights reserved.