Join Living Acres at Ag Media Summit

Learn more about milkweed and the #MonarchChallenge at booth 113

The 20th annual Agriculture Media Summit in Scottsdale, Arizona, is just around the corner, on August 4–8. BASF is excited to attend the largest gathering of agriculture’s top writers, editors, photographers, publishers and communication specialists in the U.S.


If you’re attending this industrywide gathering of agriculture communicators, stop by booth 113 to learn more about BASF’s biodiversity initiative, Living Acres.


Over the last few decades, milkweed habitats have been declining due to many factors, including industrial development. To combat this decline in viable habitat, Living Acres actively shares best practices on milkweed habitat development and cultivates new partnerships to spread awareness on the diminishing monarch population.


Last year, Living Acres created the #MonarchChallenge, a research-based program that targets farmers and farming communities to proactively preserve and cultivate milkweed in non-crop areas of their land. Milkweed is an important part of the monarch butterfly’s life cycle, as it’s the only weed monarch caterpillars will eat.


With a more than 80 percent decrease in the monarch population over the last few decades, there is a continued need to plant milkweed habitats along the monarch migration path. Cultivating partnerships and spreading awareness are important steps in growing the Monarch Challenge to help continue the development of milkweed habitats.


Learn more about the challenge at booth 113 and meet Chip Shilling, BASF’s Sustainability Strategy Manager. He’ll be available to answer any questions about Living Acres or the Monarch Challenge.


And as you learn more about monarchs and milkweed at Ag Media Summit, sign up for the Monarch Challenge and receive a free pair of wearable monarch butterfly wings.


To learn more about Living Acres, please visit