Headline® Fungicide

Headline fungicide helps growers control diseases and improve overall Plant Health. That means potentially higher yields, better ROI and, ultimately, better profits. And that means more than just money in the bank.

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    Benefits of Headline® Fungicide

    • Plant Health and disease control
    • Potentially higher yields and better ROI

    How Headline® Fungicide Works
    Headline fungicide is a fast-acting, broad-spectrum fungicide that delivers a high level of activity on more than 50 major diseases that can threaten yield and crop quality. Headline fungicide helps prevent diseases and provides protection for more than 90 crops, including corn, soybeans and wheat.


    Not only does Headline fungicide provide excellent disease control, it actually promotes improved Plant Health. The unique chemistry of its active ingredient, F500®, enables more efficient nitrogen uptake, more robust plant growth and better stress tolerance to heat, hail, wind and drought. Ultimately, this means healthier plants and higher yield potential.


    Growers who use Headline fungicide for disease control report more vigorous plant growth and stress tolerance advantages such as better standability and improved harvest efficiency — helping to reduce losses and improve ROI.


    Applied in-furrow
    Applied in-furrow on corn, Headline fungicide helps control soilborne Rhizoctonia solani while providing Plant Health benefits, including healthier, more vigorous roots. In addition, it helps improve seedling health and allows for more rapid and uniform emergence — even under cold and wet conditions. Plus the EC formulation can be tank-mixed with a liquid fertilizer for easy application.


    Always read and follow label directions.


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