Provysol® Fungicide

Help peanuts and sugarbeets live up to their fullest potential.

Performance and profit start with Provysol® fungicide. Powered by the Revysol® fungicide active ingredient, Provysol® fungicide is the first and only isopropanol azole chemistry for disease control. A Solo DMI FRAC Group 3 fungicide with an innovative molecular structure, Provysol® fungicide is a revolutionary new disease management tool for growers who farm peanuts, sugarbeets, chickpeas and more.


Added to your existing program, Provysol® fungicide promotes early and late leaf spot protection, offers sound resistance management, and is an effective rotational partner to Group 7 and 11 fungicides. Providing excellent crop safety, it helps you fight yield-robbing diseases for years to come, with no leaf burn. Which means your crops can live up to their fullest — and most profitable — potential.

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Benefits of Provysol™ Fungicide

Provysol® fungicide strengthens your season-long disease control program


  • Fast-acting control and long-lasting residual gives growers flexibility
  • Solo Group 3 formulation for excellent leaf spot control in peanuts and Cercospora Leaf Spot control in sugarbeets
  • Helps manage up-and-coming leaf spot resistance in overly used Group 7 and 11 fungicides
  • Outstanding leaf penetration in all types of field conditions
  • Excellent tank-mix compatibility
  • Works across multiple crops, including peanuts, sugarbeets, chickpeas and more

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    Offering early and late protection against leaf spot and suppression of white mold, Provysol® fungicide is a valuable addition to your peanut fungicide spray schedule.


    • Apply 75 days after planting to take advantage of the residual activity and break the resistance cycle
    • Get fast-acting disease control and longer-lasting residual protection
    • When not contained, leaf spot can result in a yield loss of 50%, or more



    Protect your sugarbeets against Cercospora Leaf Spot by adding Provysol® fungicide to your existing sugarbeets fungicide program.


    • Increase recoverable sucrose by up to 10% when used first on the acre
    • Can be used even when sowing disease-resistant seed traits into your operation
    • As a premium solo DMI Group 3 fungicide, it provides a clean field for increased yield



    A powerful Group 3 fungicide, Provysol® fungicide helps protect against Ascochyta blight of chickpeas, so you can get more out of your harvest.


    • Get immediate and powerful protective action
    • With high potency and slow release, it gives you longer control than other DMIs
    • The isopropanol link provides flexibility across a broad disease spectrum


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