Revytek® Fungicide

There’s Revytek® fungicide. And there’s everything else. No other soybean fungicide comes close to the uncompromising performance, the unparalleled power and the proven protection of Revytek fungicide. Outperforming other soybean fungicides 86%1 of the time by up to 9.5 bu/A, Revytek fungicide is the #1 grower recommended2 soybean fungicide. If you’re a grower looking to break yield records, then look no further. To see the results in your area, visit RevX Fields.



With up to 9.5 bu/A yield increase over other soybean fungicides, Revytek fungicide is how you win in the soybean field. To see on-farm trial results, visit click here.


The more disease and environmental stress rage against your crops, the more relentless Revytek fungicide fights for higher yield potential.


With three MOAs across multiple sites of action, Revytek fungicide is one of the most comprehensive fungicides on the market.

12019-2022 BASF, partially/fully sponsored university and consultant small plot replicated soybean field trials and RevX Fields on-farm demos. All treatments applied within the recommended labeled rate range at R3 timing with NIS 0.25% v/v. Trials conducted nationally across 21 states.

22022 Stratus Ag Research. Grower survey. BRAND FOCUS 360 Soybean Fungicides — Midwest. Syndicated research.


How Revytek Fungicide Works

There’s a reason Revytek fungicide is in a league of its own: groundbreaking BASF soybean chemistry. It contains a unique active ingredient, Revysol®, the first and only isopropanol azole. Revysol fungicide delivers broader, stronger, longer disease control. The unique molecular structure provides stronger binding, rainfast performance and excellent efficacy. The unique isopropanol azole molecule has a reinforced isopropanol link, giving it the ability to flex to various conformations and fight a broad spectrum of disease and resistant strains.

RevX Fields offers on-farm, real-world results by farmers for farmers.

RevX Fields is a large-scale fungicide trial program with nearly 2,000 corn and soybean farmers participating across the country.

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