Revytek® Fungicide

There’s Revytek fungicide. And there’s everything else.

No other soybean fungicide comes close to the uncompromising performance, the unparalleled power and the proven Plant Health protection of Revytek fungicide. If you’re a grower looking to break yield records, then look no further.

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    Benefits of Revytek® Fungicide

    • STRENGTH, SPEED, STAMINA - Strong curative, fast uptake, and long-lasting residual offer unparalleled performance without trade-offs.
    • FEROCITY - Proven Plant Health protection, only offered by BASF. The more disease and environmental stress rage against your crops, the more relentless Revytek fungicide fights for higher yield potential.
    • POWER - With +6-bu/A yield increase over the untreated check, Revytek fungicide is how you win in the soybean field.

    How Revytek Fungicide Works


    There’s a reason Revytek fungicide is in a league of its own: groundbreaking BASF soybean chemistry. It contains a unique active ingredient, Revysol® fungicide, the first and only isopropanol azole. Revysol fungicide delivers broader, stronger, longer disease control. The unique molecular structure provides stronger binding, rainfast performance and excellent efficacy. The unique isopropanol azole molecule has a reinforced isopropanol link, giving it the ability to flex to various conformations and fight a broad spectrum of disease and resistant strains.


    Always read and follow label directions. Revytek fungicide is U.S. EPA registered. Not registered in all states. Revytek is a registered trademark of BASF. © 2022 BASF Corporation. All rights reserved.

    Some fungicides do more. 

    Top producing farmers know what BASF Plant Health solutions mean to their field's bottom line. Manage both disease and environmental stresses.