Serifel® Biofungicide

Serifel is a preventative fungicide based on Bacillus amyloliquefaciens strain MBI600 with multiple modes of action. Biological control agents such as biological fungicides and biological insecticides help reduce the damage caused by diseases and pests including fungi, insects and slugs.

Benefits of Serifel® Biofungicide

  • New flexibility and choice to address sustainable crop production challenges such as managing the number and level of residues in produce or extending the window of application
  • New opportunities to succeed despite increasingly demanding crop production specifications
  • A well-researched tool backed by know-how and support from one of the leader in fungicides
  • Full technical expertise and consulting

Serifel® is a biological fungicide that forms a shield of protection around the plant, providing broad-spectrum disease control with multiple modes of action. When used as part of an integrated disease management program, Serifel provides growers with a unique solution to address challenges in the food production value chain. It has a favorable toxicological and environmental profile that makes it very safe for users, the environment and consumers, allowing for greater flexibility throughout the growing cycle.

*Serifel is not offered for sale in all countries. Contact your local BASF team for availability in your area. Use plant protection products safely.
Always read and follow label directions.

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