Armezon® PRO Herbicide

Armezon PRO herbicide is the most flexible corn herbicide on the market, delivering more reliable activation.

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    Benefits of Armezon® PRO Herbicide

    • Broad-spectrum grass and broadleaf knockdown
    • More consistent performance because of industry-leading ¼ inch rainfall activation
    • Unmatched flexibility with applications on any type of corn from PRE-V8 or 30”. Can be easily tank mixed with other herbicides and adjuvants
    • Low use rate – about one-third less than most competitive products
    • Easy to mix EC formulation won’t settle and easily cleans out of sprayers

    How Armezon® PRO Herbicide Works
    Armezon PRO herbicide is the most flexible corn herbicide on the market delivering more reliable activation. On average, Armezon PRO herbicide is 2.5 times more likely to receive an activating rain than competitive herbicides. In addition, Armezon PRO herbicide delivers broad-spectrum POST grass and broadleaf weed control. It also offers a wide window of application from PRE-V8 or 30” and gives growers the freedom to easily tank mix with other herbicides and adjuvants like MSO, COC, NIS based on their unique needs.


    Always read and follow label directions.

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    Armezon® PRO Product Formulation

    Armezon PRO herbicide delivers consistent product stability which provides excellent handling and compatibility with other herbicides and adjuvants. With its unique formulation, Armezon PRO herbicide helps to minimize tank settling and reduce sprayer buildup.