Clarity® Herbicide

Clarity herbicide provides economical control of tough broadleaves with early application and residual control. Not only does it control difficult, resistant weeds, but also more than 190 perennial and biannual broadleaf weeds.

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    Benefits of Clarity® Herbicide

    • Tough control of broadleaf weeds
    • Economical control

    How Clarity® Herbicide Works
    Clarity herbicide takes care of a wide variety of weeds. With Clarity, you have the versatility to deal with unpredictable spring weather, since its wide application window extends from as early as five to seven days after planting until 36”, tall corn.


    Clarity provides consistent, economic control of weeds like waterhemp, kochia, dandelion, sweetclover and morningglory. With quick knockdown of problem weeds in all types of weather conditions, Clarity is effective on weeds and safe for corn.


    Always read and follow label directions.

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