Distinct® Herbicide

Distinct herbicide offers postemergence, stand-alone control of the most significant broadleaf weeds, like waterhemp, Canada thistle and ALS-resistant weeds.

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    Benefits of Distinct® Herbicide

    • Postemergence control
    • Control of significant broadleaf weeds

    How Distinct® Herbicide Works
    Distinct herbicide works to enhance broad-spectrum weed control in preplant corn, soybeans and cotton as well as in pasture and rangeland applications with two active ingredients, dicamba and diflufenzopyr (DFFP). Dicamba works as a growth regulator in the form of a synthetic auxin to create a hormonal imbalance within targeted weeds. The DFFP molecule blocks the transport of both the natural plant auxins and exogenously applied synthetic auxins (dicamba) within the plant, thereby causing them to concentrate at the plant’s growing points. This results in the rapid knockdown of the toughest – including herbicide resistant – weeds.


    Distinct is labeled for use on field corn, popcorn, fallow fields and fence-line areas.


    Always read and follow label directions.

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