Treevix® Powered by Kixor® Herbicide

Treevix herbicide gives tree nut and fruit growers fast, complete control of tough broadleaf weeds, including weeds resistant to glyphosate such as fleabane, willowherb and marestail. This tree-safe, nonvolatile herbicide is powered by Kixor herbicide technology and features excellent application timing flexibility.

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    Benefits of Treevix® Powered by Kixor® Herbicide

    • Speed and completeness of control
    • Controls over 60 broadleaf weeds, including glyphosate-resistant weeds like Fleabane and Marestail
    • Flexibitliy in application timing – 7-day PHI with up to three applications in-season
    • Proven safety in all registered crops

    How Treevix Herbicide Works
    Treevix herbicide, powered by Kixor herbicide technology, was designed for directed, postemergence applications in a variety of tree fruit and nut crops. Research has confirmed its ability to control over 60 broadleaf weeds with excellent tree safety. When tank-mixed with glyphosate, Treevix herbicide offers a more effective weed-control program, resulting in the kind of clean orchards you can take pride in. There is a seven-day preharvest interval for nut trees and no preharvest interval for citrus and pome fruit trees.


    Always read and follow label directions.