Zidua® PRO Powered by Kixor® Herbicide

For the fastest and most complete burndown with long-lasting, broad-spectrum residual control, send in Zidua PRO herbicide from BASF. It delivers fast and complete burndown, plus long-lasting residual control, and it’s a convenient premix formulation with no planting restrictions on most soils.

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    Benefits of Zidua® PRO Powered by Kixor® Herbicide

    • Fastest and most complete burndown powered by Kixor® herbicide
    • Long-lasting residual control
    • Broad-spectrum weed control in one convenient jug

    How Zidua PRO Powered by Kixor Herbicide Works
    Grow clean fields with a powerful 1-2-3 punch.

    • The three sites of action in Zidua® PRO herbicide work in concert with each other to provide overlapping weed protection. It contains one of the same active ingredients as found in our Sharpen® herbicide, Pursuit® herbicide and Zidua herbicide.
    • Research shows Zidua PRO herbicide delivers 3-5 times faster burndown than its competitors, plus long-lasting residual control for some of the toughest weeds, including Palmer amaranth and waterhemp.
    • There’s no soybean planting interval in most soils. You can plant your beans and spray Zidua PRO herbicide the same day — something you can’t do with 2,4-D herbicides. The product label contains details on each soil type.
    • It’s a solution for any soybean system as it works with Roundup Ready®, LibertyLink®, Non-GMO and Roundup Ready 2 Xtend®, and in conventional tillage, no-till and reduced-till systems.
    Always read and follow label directions.