Nodulator® Sterile Peat Inoculant for Pea and Lentil

The leading rhizobia strain and a sterile, peat-based formulation makes Nodulator Sterile Peat a perfect choice for many producers.

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    Benefits of Nodulator® Sterile Peat for Peas and Lentils Inoculant

    • Advanced self-adhering properties for uniform seed coverage​
    • More than 1 billion rhizobia per gram​
    • Sterile, peat-based carrier for high rhizobia potency​
    • Increased nodulation for maximum yield potential​
    • Mixes easily with seed directly in drill or planter hoppers


    How Nodulator® Sterile Peat Inoculant for Pea and Lentil Works
    Nodulator Sterile Peat for Peas and Lentils delivers very high counts of advanced nitrogen-fixing rhizobia in a sterile peat carrier.

    Get increased crop potential from every pea and lentil acre in an easy-to-apply formulation.

    Each package treats 1,300 lbs. of seed. Each case treats 6,500 lbs. of seed. 


    Easy-to-use Nodulator Sterile Peat offers:

    • Self-adhering, easy-to-apply formula
    • Sterile, peat-based carrier
    • High potency
    • Increased yield potential

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