Vault® Liquid plus Integral® for Peanuts Inoculant

Vault Liquid inoculant plus Integral for peanuts is BioStacked technology for improved nodulation, root vigor, nutrient uptake and reaching maximum yield potential.

How Vault Liquid plus Integral for Peanuts Inoculant Works
Vault Liquid plus Integral for peanuts is a multi-component, yield-boosting biological for enhanced peanut performance.


Applied in-furrow at planting, Vault Liquid peanut inoculant, with BioStacked technology delivers a robust rhizobial inoculant plus Integral biofungicide for enhance root vigor, nutrient uptake and suppression of Rhizoctonia and Fusarium root rot.


Packaging: 4x1.1 gallon per case. (Each 1.1 gal. unit treats approximately 10 acres of peanuts. One case treats approx. 40 acres.)


Always read and follow label directions.

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