Axant Flex Herbicide Tolerance Technology 

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We believe partnership is key to effectively developing and implementing best practices.


Partnership is also essential for making stewardship impactful on the ground, as a credible program focused on compliant behavior and actions, which is always best achieved through a collaborative approach.


Towards, this end, Axant Flex Technology, our newest innovation on the cotton acre, requires grower training before a grower is certified to purchase of FiberMax® or Stoneville® cottonseed with Axant Flex Technology. This training helps provide you, the grower, access to advanced traits NOW while also helping you ensure legal and regulatory requirements are met.

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Axant Flex Grower Certification Training

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Alite™ 27 herbicide (EPA Reg. No. 7969-433) is not registered for use on isoxaflutole-reisistant cotton not available for sale for such use. Information on using Alite 27 herbicide on isoxaflutable-reisistant cotton is provided for educational purposes  only and is not intended to promote the sale of the product. Any sale of Alite 27 herbicide after registration is obtained for use on isoxaflutole-resistant cotton shall be based soley  on the EPA-approved product label, and any claims regarding product safety and efficacy shall be addressed solely by the label.


Alite 27 herbicide and Engenia herbicide are US EPA Restricted Use Pesticides. Always read and follow label directions.


Alite 27 herbicide, a US EPA Resistricted Use Pesticide, is currently labeled solely for weed control in GT27 or isoxaflutole-resistant soybean grown in select countries in certain states. This product is not labeled for use on isoxaflutole-reisistant cotton.


After EPA approval of Alite 27 herbicide (EPA Reg. No.7969-433) registration allowing use on isoxaflutole-resistant cotton, Alite 27 herbicide may only be used on GT27 or isoxaflutole-resistant soybean or isoxaflutole-reisistant cotton. Crops not containing a gene expressign an HPPD protein will not be tolerant of Alite 27 herbicide.


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