Cotton Planting Forecasting

Growing cotton is an art, but it helps to have some science to determine when to plant and kick off the season with your FiberMax® or Stoneville® cotton seed.


Developed in conjunction with the Center for Geospatial Technology at Texas Tech University, this tool provides a beltwide cotton planting forecast for your desired county or area based on air temp, soil temp and DD60 conditions.

Click the "locator" button to find your current location or zoom in to the location on the screen. The green highlighted counties are cotton-growing counties, according to the USDA. The areas shaded darker green have an integrated network of automated sites (mesonet) that provide soil temperature sensors to the tool. Know that the temps provided by these stations are from sensors that are generally in bare, undisturbed soil.


Click on the county/area from which you want a planting forecast. Your planting forecast will appear along with three bars indicating the status and forecast for each of the three criteria.


To drill down to a specific field, you can insert your field’s soil temperature at planting depth.


Always read and follow label directions.

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