FM 2498GLT Variety

 | Recommended Herbicide

Growers in the Western Cotton Belt looking for excellent yield potential and very good cotton fiber quality with medium maturity can look to FiberMax® 2498GLT. This semi-smooth FiberMax cotton variety resists bacterial blight in cotton and has very good tolerance to Verticillium wilt in cotton.


  • Excellent yield potential
  • Outstanding early-season vigor
  • High gin turnout potential
  • Very good Verticillium wilt tolerance
  • Resistant to bacterial blight
  • Two-gene lepidopteran protection

Geographic Region

  • Western Cotton Belt

Variety Characteristics

Leaf Pubescence SEMI-SMOOTH
Maturity** MID
Storm Tolerance* 6.4

Disease Resistance

Root-Knot Nematode/Fusarium Wilt Resistance FAIR
Verticillium Wilt Tolerance VERY GOOD
Bacterial Blight Resistance RESISTANT

Fiber Quality

Length 1.14
Uniformity 82.0
Strength 29.9
Micronaire 4.60

*Storm Tolerance Rating Scale: 9 very storm-tolerant; 0 very loose.

**Relative maturity can vary based on on management practices, environmental conditions and geographic regions. Descriptions and values reported are to give a relative comparison among varieties. Actual values will be influenced by growing conditions.

Plant Growth Regulator

FM 2498 Dryland Table
FM 2498 Limited Irrigation Table
FM 2498 Irrigation Table


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