Soil management is essential for increasing crop yields and quality.

Proper planting and fertilizing can go a long way toward delivering good results. But to get the most out of your crops, it’s critical to pay close attention to every need and make sure you’re meeting them. That means balancing plant nutrition and making sure your plants can optimize the uptake of nutrients.

To help you make sure your crops get adequate water and nutrition, we provide solutions to efficiently manage scarce resources in two key areas:

  • Nitrogen management, which includes products that improve nitrogen availability for better plant nutrition and yield potential
  • Soil amendments, products which are applied to improve soil health and water use efficiency

For balanced nutrition, growers need to optimize uptake of nutrients and reduce nitrogen loss, all while facing economic pressures, scarce resources and increasing government regulations. Only about half of nitrogen in fertilizer isn’t taken up by the plant. That unused nitrogen is a golden opportunity to drive improvement through better solutions. We are driving that innovation.


Nitrogen use efficiency technologies help ensure nitrogen is available to the crops when they need it most. This makes improved yields possible and gives growers a powerful way to protect their investments and the environment.


Examples of soil management products:


Limus® Nitrogen Management – a novel multi-patented urease inhibitor with two active ingredients to reduce nitrogen losses from volatilization of urea fertilizers.