FiberMax® One Ton Club™

We believe that special levels of accomplishment deserve special recognition –– celebrating high-yield growers in the exclusive FiberMax One Ton Club.

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2019 FiberMax One Ton Club Members


Ninety-two members qualified for the FiberMax One Ton Club in 2019, including 14 first-time members, bringing total membership to 1,206 cotton growers.


Of the qualifying members, several received special awards:


   •    Most Varieties: Apple Creek Farms of Garden City, Texas, earned the most varieties planted using

         FM 2334GLT, FM 2398GLTP, FM 2498GLT and FM 2574GLT.

   •    Most Acres: Kitten Land Company of Lubbock, Texas, harvested an average yield of 2,164 pounds per acre on 475 acres

         with FM 1830GLT and FM 2498GLT.

   •    Highest Loan Value: Micah and Magen Carter of Wellington, Texas, garnered $0.5722 on their qualifying acres with FM 1830GLT.

   •    Highest Yield: Gary Shiflett Farms of Deming, New Mexico, harvested an average yield of 2,796.82 pounds per acre with FM 2498GLT.

   •    Highest Gross Value: Gary Shiflett Farms earned $1,589.71 per acre on their qualifying acres with FM 1830GLT.



To qualify for the FiberMax One Ton Club, growers had to meet the following criteria:


   •    Produce a minimum of 2,000 pounds of ginned cotton per acre on a minimum of 20 acres planted with FiberMax cotton seed

         from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 2019

   •    Cotton acreage can be either irrigated or dryland

   •    Plant 100% FiberMax cotton seed on the 20 qualifying acres

   •    Provide gin recap sheets to verify 2,000 lb/A yield, and

   •    Register entrant’s cotton in the Certified FiberMax Cotton program


To learn more about the FiberMax One Ton Club, contact your local BASF Seed Advisor.