e3® cotton directly connects brands and farmers. That’s smart.

It’s the question everyone wants to know: Where is this cotton coming from?

At BASF, we’re passionate about providing an answer. So, where does our e3 cotton start? With high-quality, certified FiberMax® and authentic, storied Stoneville® cotton seed that can be traced from the farmer to the gin and right through to the merchant, mills and retailer. That way, the end customers know exactly what their clothes are made of, how they are made, and where the cotton comes from. Customers also know their clothes meet all three E’s — they’re socially equitable, economically viable and environmentally responsible.

A commitment to sustainable production

All e3 cotton farmers sign up and commit to grow cotton more efficiently and decreasing the impact to the environment. Their cotton is certified and verified through independent audits, allowing us to track specific environmental and social measures to an individual farmer.


There are also plans to facilitate future training and information sharing among committed growers to encourage and recognize sustainable improvement efforts on the farm.

The acres used to produce e3 cotton today will be available to produce e3 cotton tomorrow, to meet the needs of an increasingly sophisticated

The proven sustainable choice

As the only supplier providing this level of traceability, e3 cotton is driven by comprehensive verification and a valued reputation for growing socially equitable, economically viable, environmentally responsible cotton.


This is how we got here:


Environmentally conscious
The only cotton supply that tracks environmental outcomes back to each cotton field.


Farm-to-retailer traceable
The only conventional cotton supply that can deliver item-level sustainability promises.


Third-party verified
A cotton supply vetted by independent auditors, Wakefield Inspections and STEP, allows our farmers to focus on minimizing their “fieldprint” in areas like water efficiency, pesticide  management and greenhouse gas reduction as they grow high-quality cotton.


The e3 cotton mission

Establish an industry leadership position for cotton sustainability by capitalizing on current relationships through the entire farmer-to-retailer channel.


e3 cotton
Drive consumption of sustainable, traceable cotton from BASF.


Certified FiberMax
Protect the high-quality FiberMax trademark by having a traceable, certifiable program from the farm to the mill, allowing BASF to promote differentiated fiber quality to the spinning mill that provides added value to farmers and confidence in the mill’s purchase.


Authentic Stoneville
Protect the storied and authentic Stoneville trademark by having a traceable, certifiable program from the farm to the apparel and home furnishings brand, enabling BASF to promote added value to farmers.

Creating a traceable supply chain


  • Farmer receives seed invoice from seed retailer



  • Farmer signs and returns e3 Farmer Agreement, Certified FiberMax and/or Authentic Stoneville Registration Form


  • USDA permanent bale ID (PBI) created at gin
  • PBI entered into e3 and/or Certified FiberMax or Authentic Stoneville bale database


  • Merchant sells cotton to mill
  • Merchant sends BASF list of bales to be validated
  • Proof of purchase sent to BASF
  • BASF sends brand a certificate of authenticity



Garment or Home Furnishing

  • Once licensed, a retailer will have the opportunity to brand e3, Certified FiberMax, and/or Authentic Stoneville garments or home furnishings


Simply put, e3 cotton is a differentiator:

  • Third-party verified/certified sustainably grown cotton supply
  • High-quality cotton supply from the U.S.
  • Marketing story with sub-brand potential
  • Shareable metrics and successes
  • Full traceability and authenticity


Knowing where cotton comes from and how it’s grown is important. It’s a story we value, and it’s one we’d like to help share.

Downloads and Resources

For more information on the BASF e3 sustainability cotton program, please contact your local seed advisor or email us at e3cotton.basf.com.