Stoneville® Cotton

Stoneville® cotton seed knows owning the early is the key to winning the season. Stoneville gets out of the ground quicker and stands stronger. And it offers more choices and trait options. So it’s less vulnerable to weeds, weather and insects during its most vulnerable time. And that paves the way for a stronger finish. Own the early with Stoneville.

Benefits of Stoneville® Cotton

  • Modern Germplasm: Groundbreaking tools and techniques that introduce regionally relevant characteristics into cotton varieties.
  • Custom Varieties: Seed packages that deliver resilient performance under tough conditions to manage nematode, insect and disease pressures.
  • Trait Choices: A full stack of options to help you deal with pest problems and resistance issues.
  • People Power: Tap into a team of cotton experts who offer customized field recommendations using local agronomic knowledge. 

Choose Stoneville Varieties

Stoneville cotton seed varieties deliver strong, early vigor that translates into high-yield potential and premium quality – all in a trait package with pest management tools tailored for your toughest weeds and insects.

High-Quality Growers

The Stoneveille Legacy ClubTM recognizes growers who use their knowledge and skills to produce high-quality fiber and maximum yields. Twenty-six growers earned membership in 2020 and were rewarded for harvesting yields in the top ten percent of their state.

A Study in Profitability

Stoneville cotton sed varieties are big players in variety trials conducted by land-grant university researchers across the Cotton Belt, routinely topping yield charts and profitability studies.

Minimize Risk


When you plant Stoneville cotton seed, you also get a safety net. The Shared Risk ProgramTM offers replant and crop loss protection for economic stability.


Weed & Pest Protection

Premium seed treatments deliver protection from nematodes and early-season disease and insects. Flexible weed control options include dicamba and XtendFlex® traits, plus GlyTol® and LibertyLink® traits that allow over-the-top application at full label rates of Liberty® herbicide and glyphosate. Industry-leading worm control is also in the Stoneville cotton seed bag in two- and three-gene worm resistance with TwinLink®, TwinLink Plus, Bollgard II® and Bollgard® 3.

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BASF Cotton Seed Treatment Packages

New for the 2021 growing season, BASF’s Prime and Core seed treatment packages give your cotton crop the protection it deserves. These two packages help you realize your full yield potential and include added protection with Copeo® nematicide. Our Prime seed treatment package harnesses the power of F500® fungicide and Xemium® fungicide to protect crops against key early-season seed and seedling diseases. With improved vigor and healthier plants, it defends against damage caused by early season insects and protects your cotton roots from economically significant nematodes. 


The Core seed treatment package is powered by F500 fungicide and provides growers with baseline protection from early-season diseases while also providing the proven protection of Copeo against nematodes. Contact your BASF representative to learn more on the protection you need from seed to harvest.


Always read and follow label directions.

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Cotton Planting Forecasting

Getting a head start is the key to success in the field. Stoneville cotton seed gets out of the ground quicker and stands stronger so it’s less vulnerable to weed, weather and insects during its most vulnerable time. That paves the way for a stronger finish. Own the early with Stoneville.

Stoneville® Legacy Club™

Your Stoneville cotton could land you more than just great yields this year. When you plant 100% Stoneville cotton seed on a minimum of 20 acres, and rank in the top 10% of yields submitted for your state, you’ll make the Stoneville Legacy Club. Entries for 2020 have closed.

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