Stop Losing Valuable Acres to Disease with RevylokTM Fungicide

Leaves in a soybean field


Most farmers are accustomed to disease pressure, but Southern farmers know disease limitations almost better than anyone. That’s because the further South you go, the more weather conditions favor disease development and the more persistent diseases become. From Cercospora leaf blight to aerial web blight, soybean diseases cost Southern farmers valuable bushels at harvest each growing season.

Revylok Fungicide Provides Long-Lasting Soybean Disease Control

New for the 2024 growing season, Revylok fungicide is the latest soybean fungicide innovation from BASF, the Fungicide Experts. Revylok fungicide standsstrong in challenging disease environments and protects crops so they can convert energy to growth and produce yield instead of fighting disease pressure.

Benefits of Revylok Fungicide

Revylok fungicide brings together Revysol® and Xemium®, two of the most effective fungicidal active ingredients from BASF. This fungicide contains the highest concentration of Revysol fungicide of any BASF product and delivers long-lasting curative and preventative control.


“Revylok fungicide [is] an effective tool to protect yield due to its fast uptake into the plant and long-lasting residual control,” says Joan Jordan, Product Manager for BASF. “It equips growers with the confidence to get the most out of their acres by avoiding stressful onsets of disease.”

  • Long-Lasting Protection

With its fast uptake, extreme rainfastness and outstanding residual activity, growers can depend on Revylok fungicide to fight disease longer and help plants protect their yield potential.

  • Resistance Management

Revylok fungicide contains two modes of action and a unique chemical structure that allows excellent binding flexibility for management of a broad range of pathogens that have developed resistance to older active ingredients.

  • Premium Disease Control

With powerful action that is preventative, curative and effective against the most challenging pathogens, Revylok fungicide is a stand-out soybean fungicide for growers battling tough diseases in wet and humid environments.

Plan Ahead with Revylok Fungicide

Ensuring that your soybeans meet their full yield potential goes hand-in-hand with a proactive fungicide application. By making a planned application of Revylok fungicide at R2-R3 timing, instead of waiting to reach a disease threshold before application, you can significantly reduce the impact challenging soybean diseases can have on your yield and bottom line.


Discuss with your crop consultant, retailer or BASF Agronomic Services Advisor how to integrate Revylok fungicide into your 2024 crop plans.


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