Revylok™ Fungicide

A new soybean fungicide innovation from BASF, Revylok fungicide is designed for growers who are losing valuable bushels to disease. Revylok fungicide offers premium control of major yield limiting diseases, such as Cercospora blight, Frogeye leaf spot, Septoria brown spot, and Rhizoctonia aerial blight (aerial web blight). With the two newest active fungicide ingredients from BASF, Revylok fungicide helps growers keep plants healthy, with lasting protection that fights longer and stronger, so they get the most out of every acre.


Built by the fungicide experts, for growers who need more for the challenges they are facing today, Revylok fungicide joins the robust BASF fungicide portfolio, including the premier Plant Health solutions Revytek® fungicide and Veltyma® fungicide. 

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    The Advantages of Revylok Fungicide


    Faster plant uptake, extreme rainfastness and outstanding residual activity help Revylok fungicide fight disease longer for better yield.


    With powerful action that is both preventative and curative, flexible across rotational crops, and effective against the most challenging pathogens, Revylok fungicide works as hard as you do.


    Complementary systemic effects of Revysol® and Xemium® active ingredients. Powerful against pathogens that have developed resistance.

    How Revylok Fungicide Works

    Delivering broader, stronger, longer disease control, Revylok fungicide contains two of BASF’s most effective active ingredients, Revysol® and Xemium®.


    The first and only isopropanol azole, Revysol (FRAC Group 3) has a unique molecular structure that provides stronger binding, rainfast performance and excellent efficacy. Highly flexible, it fits various conformations and fights a broad spectrum of diseases. With pyrazole-binding technology, Xemium (FRAC Group 7) is designed to be quickly absorbed and moved throughout the plant, fighting fungal disease with outstanding residual activity. This unique mobility supports undisturbed plant growth and higher yield.


    In combination, these two active ingredients make Revylok fungicide the premier disease control product to fight resistance with strong and long-lasting residual control of fungal pathogens.

    Stay ahead of Southern disease pressure with Revylok fungicide 

    Southern soybeans face the toughest disease pressure around. Learn how innovative control from Revylok fungicide delivers season long protection built specifically for the challenges of the South. 

    RevylokTM Fungicide Trial Results: A Game-Changer for Southern Soybean Farmers

    Revylok fungicide brings together unique active ingredients for premium soybean disease control, ideal for Southern regions battling yield-robbing diseases. See the yield trial results for yourself.

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