Veltyma™ Fungicide

Veltyma fungicide is the swift, simple and secure solution for corn growers looking for great fields and bottom lines. With its combination of faster curative activity, easier application and longer residual, this is the fungicide corn growers can turn to with confidence when they need to be sure their fungicide performs.

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    Benefits of Veltyma™ Fungicide

    • Swift: Provides immediate leaf saturation, fast uptake and strong binding – giving you the power to react quickly for a curative application
    • Simple: Wider application window up to two weeks prior to tassel, and aerial applicators will have another two weeks to avoid rain delays or wind-outs
    • Secure: Residual inner leaf deposits for consistent redistribution and the peace of mind offered by BASF Plant Health through the end of the season

    How Veltyma Fungicide Works


    Veltyma fungicide contains a unique active ingredient, Revysol® fungicide, the first and only isopropanol azole. Revysol fungicide delivers broader, stronger, longer disease control. The unique molecular structure provides stronger binding, rainfast performance and excellent efficacy.


    Unique isopropanol azole molecule has a reinforced isopropanol link – giving it the ability to flex to various conformations and fight a broad spectrum of disease and resistant strains.


    Always read and follow label directions. Veltyma is a trademark of BASF. ©2021 BASF Corporation 


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