Apply Corn Fungicide as Early as V10 With Veltyma® Fungicide From BASF

Corn field at sunset

Timing is everything in farming. That’s especially true with corn fungicide application timing. Apply too early, and risk leaving your crop vulnerable to disease during critical late-season growth stages. Apply too late, and the crop may be too big to get spray equipment in the field, or, worse, disease may be already attacking plants and diminishing yield potential. So how do you correctly time fungicide application in corn? You use Veltyma fungicide from BASF.

Why Veltyma Fungicide?

Veltyma fungicide offers revolutionary application timing flexibility unlike any other product on the market, due to the residual control of Veltyma fungicide. Most corn fungicides have an application window of V14 through R1 growth stages. Veltyma fungicide can be applied as early as V10 and as late as R3. With two weeks more application flexibility than the competition, BASF gives farmers valuable extra time to work around weather, schedules and application obstacles. 

Veltyma Graph

Veltyma vs Trivapro: Veltyma fungicide’s application window starts earlier and lasts longer than the competition.

Beyond timing flexibility, Veltyma fungicide offers corn farmers additional benefits.

  • Early Application Boosts Equipment Utilization

At V10, corn is typically about five feet tall and ready to treat with Veltyma fungicide. At this height, sprayers with standard clearance can be used, so specialized equipment or aerial application isn’t required.

  • Aerial Applicator Flexibility

If you do use an aerial applicator to apply Veltyma fungicide, they’ll appreciate the two-week application window extension too. The extra time helps them ensure your fields get sprayed, especially when they’re forced to work around inclement weather or structural obstacles, such as windmills and power lines, that make fields no-fly zones during peak busy season.

  • Early Disease Protection

Microscopic photography from BASF shows fungal diseases including tar spot can infect corn plants for almost three weeks before visible signs emerge. Veltyma fungicide is the most effective fungicide for tar spot control available. An early application delivers valuable protection and reduces the vulnerable period for disease to establish.

  • Plant Health

Even without disease, Veltyma fungicide increases yields through innovative BASF Plant Health benefits that reduce environmental stress along with disease control. BASF field trials prove corn acres treated with Veltyma fungicide yield up to 11 bushels per acre more at harvest time than untreated acres.1

  • Superior Performance

Early corn fungicide application doesn’t mean anything if the product doesn’t work. With Veltyma fungicide, you can be confident you’re getting excellent protection over other products. Veltyma fungicide delivers rainfast efficacy with a strong curative and fast uptake. Long-lasting Veltyma fungicide residual control provides extended protection to help you get the most from every acre.

Plan Your Early Application of Veltyma Fungicide

You work hard to grow the best corn possible — don’t settle for less fungicide protection than you deserve. Get maximum benefits for your corn crop this year with an early application of Veltyma fungicide from BASF. Visit your local retailer today and get Veltyma fungicide on your corn treatment plan.

1 BASF partially/fully sponsored University or Consultant small-plot replicated trials, 2013-19. Pair-wise comparisons by product with Veltyma fungicide 7 fl oz/A, Miravis Neo 13.7 fl oz/A, Quilt Xcel 10.5 fl oz/A, Trivapro 13.7 fl oz/A, Stratego YLD 4 fl oz/A, Delaro 8 fl oz/A or Aproach Prima 6.8 fl oz/A applied to VT-R1 corn.


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