Xanthion® In-furrow Fungicide

Xanthion in-furrow fungicide from BASF designed to help you protect your seed investment and maximize your yield potential.

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    Benefits of Xanthion® In-furrow Fungicide

    • Chemical and biological active ingredients for longer protection
    • Plant Health benefits for earlier and more uniformed emergence
    • Higher stand count, up to 1000 plants/acre

    How Xanthion® In-Furrow Fungicide Works
    Xanthion in-furrow fungicide works by providing early, rapid and more uniform emergence and better root structure. The fungicide helps control soilborne diseases and provides improved cold tolerance, promoting seedling health. Improved seedling health allows for increased nutrient and water uptake, maximizing yield potential.


    Different from every other early season crop management treatment, Xanthion in-furrow fungicide provides extended disease protection by covering the area around the seed and in the furrow. This is critical for protecting against damaging corn seedling and root diseases, including Rhizoctonia seed and seedling rot, Fusarium seed rot and seedling blight and Pythium damping off.


    Xanthion in-furrow fungicide provides extended residual control by forming a protective sheath around the roots. This can lead to healthier plants later in the season.


    This is the first fungicide on the market to combine a chemical fungicide and a biofungicide. This combination, which contains the same active ingredients as in Headline® fungicide, and an EPA registered biofungicide, provides two modes of action to help protect your seed investment by improving seedling health.


    Growers looking for maximum disease protection for their corn crops throughout the growing season can also follow up with Priaxor® fungicide pre-tassel, and/or Headline AMP® fungicide at tassel.


    *2013 field research trials (n=4), based on stand counts 21 days after planting


    Always read and follow label directions.

    Video Content

    Kevin Weinard talks about his expereince with Xanthion

    Kevin Weinard of Rossville, Illinois, talks about the Plant Health benefits and disease protection from Xanthion in-furrow fungicide.