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25 years of growing stronger with you.

Thanks to your support, we’ve been growing stronger together for 25 years now. InVigor® hybrid canola is constantly innovating to provide solutions for the challenges that growers face. As our relationships continue to grow, we will continue to develop and deliver the best solutions to farms across North America.

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This year, we’re excited to introduce a new 300 series InVigor hybrid and a new way to help protect InVigor seed, Vercoras™ seed treatment.   

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    Benefits of InVigor Canola

    • Top-yielding canola outperforms the competition, even in adverse growing conditions
    • Pod shatter reduction technology to protect yield potential and deliver added flexibility at harvest
    • Liberty® herbicide use on InVigor canola hybrids with the LibertyLink® trait provides an excellent means for growers to rotate non-selective herbicide systems to effectively manage weed resistance
    • With InVigor canola, farmers across the northern tier of the United States have more options to overcome growing and harvesting challenges, fight disease pressure and improve profitability

    Why InVigor 

    For 25 years, InVigor canola hybrids have outperformed competitors in large plot replicated system trials conducted by farmers and our own demonstration strip trials across canola growing regions. We remain dedicated to providing growers with the innovative solutions needed to meet today’s challenges for growing a successful canola crop every year.


    InVigor canola hybrids offer a wide range of maturity options, disease protection packages and other traits to improve harvest flexibility and address other serious cropping concerns.


    InVigor canola hybrids are combined with the LibertyLink trait that enables growers to rotate nonselective herbicides on a farm basis. LibertyLink canola has built-in resistance to Liberty herbicide, delivering nonselective post-emergence control of broadleaf weeds and grasses, including weeds resistant to glyphosate and multiple herbicide classes.

    InVigor Canola Hybrids


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    InVigor L343PC

    New InVigor L343PC combines performance with protection. This high-yielding Pod Shatter Reduction hybrid contains second-generation clubroot resistance1 and offers a significant yield increase over InVigor L234PC plus improved standability.

    We recommend growing InVigor L343PC with second-generation clubroot resistance in clubroot-affected areas after two cycles of growing first-generation clubroot-resistant hybrids or when clubroot symptoms appear in first-generation clubroot-resistant hybrids. 


    InVigor L340PC logo

    InVigor L340PC

    An exciting 300 series hybrid for growers that want it all. A high yield potential, mid-maturing, Pod Shatter Reduction hybrid that offers first-generation clubroot resistance1 and strong standability.


    InVigor L345PC logo

    InVigor L345PC

    InVigor L345PC offers a significant jump in yield potential over InVigor L233P and features our patented Pod Shatter Reduction technology plus first-generation clubroot resistance. This hybrid is suitable for all growing zones.


    InVigor Choice LR344PC logo

    InVigor Choice LR344PC

    InVigor Choice hybrid with Pod Shatter Reduction and first-generation clubroot resistance. InVigor Choice LR344PCfeatures both the LibertyLink technology system and TruFlex™ canola with Roundup Ready® Technology. Perfect for growers looking to combine high yield potential InVigor genetics with the flexibility of Liberty herbicide or Roundup® herbicide applications.


    InVigor L357P logo

    InVigor L357P

    A thrilling addition to the 300 series. A Pod Shatter Reduction hybrid built for growers looking to push higher yield potential in non-clubroot affected areas and offers very strong standability. This hybrid also features the added benefit of exceptional blackleg resistance. 


    InVigor L255PC logo

    InVigor L255PC

    InVigor L255PC offers Pod Shatter Reduction and first-generation clubroot resistance and separates itself from other hybrids due to its very impressive standability. A great fit for growers in the mid to long growing zones.


    InVigor L233P logo

    InVigor L233P

    A strong performer, InVigor L233P features patented Pod Shatter reduction technology and very early maturity. This high yield potential hybrid provides the harvest flexibility you can count on.


    InVigor L234PC logo

    InVigor L234PC

    InVigor L234PC boasts the patented Pod Shatter Reduction technology you trust along with second-generation clubroot resistance to additional emerging clubroot pathotypes to help combat the ever-evolving clubroot pathogen. Second-generation clubroot resistance is designed to combat clubroot in fields that still show signs of the disease or are starting to show signs, despite seeding a first-generation clubroot-resistant hybrid as part of an integrated management plan. Clubroot populations in the field can evolve or shift to new pathotypes that current resistant hybrids may be susceptible to. To maximize the durability of genetic resistance in canola hybrids, use an integrated pest management strategy that includes extending rotations in areas where clubroot is a concern.


    1 To predominant clubroot pathotypes found in Canada at the time of registration. InVigor L340PC, InVigor Choice LR344PC, InVigor L345PC and InVigor L255PC share the same first-generation clubroot resistance profile. InVigor L343PC and InVigor L234PC have this resistance profile plus they contains second-generation multigenic clubroot resistance to additional clubroot pathotypes to help combat evolving clubroot pathotypes.

    2 This product Is approved for planting in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and the following counties of North Dakota: Divide, Williams, McKenzie. For additional information please contact your BASF representative.

    Pod Shatter Reduction

    Providing growers with the option to straight cut or delay swath their canola without sacrificing yield potential, the patented Pod Shatter Reduction technology of InVigor hybrid canola continues to revolutionize the way canola growers approach their entire season.


    With a wide selection of maturity choices, BASF is pleased to offer growers eight different high-performing InVigor canola hybrids with the patented Pod Shatter Reduction technology. These include NEW InVigor L343PC, InVigor L340PC, InVigor L357P, InVigor L345PC, InVigor Choice LR344PC, InVigor L233P, InVigor L255PC and InVigor L234PC. All eight hybrids also exhibit strong genetic resistance to pod drop. 

    Clubroot Resistance

    Clubroot is a constantly evolving disease in canola. As such, management practices need to evolve alongside the disease to minimize its impact today, as well as in the future. Sustainability of the US canola production industry guides our position on how to best manage clubroot and how we recommend deploying clubroot-resistant genetics. With all of this in mind, growers should implement an integrated pest management (IPM) strategy that includes:


    • Canola rotation of a minimum of once every three years
    • Taking sanitation steps to limit the movement of infected soil
    • Controlling volunteer canola and other brassica weeds that can act as hosts for the disease
    • Utilizing patch management to limit the movement of clubroot on your farm
    • Scouting to identify the presence of the disease
    • Clubroot-resistant genetics are only effective as a sustainable practice as part of an IPM strategy and should not be relied upon alone


    Since their launch, InVigor canola hybrids with clubroot resistance have been planted on over 19 million acres across Canada, where the clubroot disease pressure is much higher due to tighter rotations. That’s more than any other seed company*. For 2022, US growers can choose from five InVigor clubroot-resistant hybrids – all of which include our patented Pod Shatter Reduction technology.


    Our new 300 series hybrid, InVigor L343PC, as well as InVigor 340PC, InVigor L345PC, InVigor Choice LR344PC and InVigor L255PC, all contain the same first-generation clubroot resistance genetics. InVigor L343PC and InVigor L234PC contain this resistance profile plus they contain second-generation clubroot resistance to additional emerging clubroot pathotypes to help defend against the ever-evolving pathogen. 

    Harvest Management Practices

    Straight cutting and delayed swathing allows pods to fill for a longer period of time, resulting in larger seeds, a fuller pod and potential for lower green seed counts. This technology may also reduce the amount of volunteer canola in your fields by ensuring the seeds end up in your combine hopper at harvest, minimizing management challenges in future growing seasons.


    Late swathing reduces the timing pressure of a large-acre harvest and increases combining flexibility, allowing you to leave the crop in the swath longer. Straight cutting, if timed correctly, can offer growers a yield and quality advantage by allowing them to harvest a more mature crop. Growers often harvest canola with the same swather and combine as cereal crops, with some adjustments. Growers choose late swathing to hasten the drying rate of their canola, ensure even ripening and reduce the possibility of seed losses from wind and hail.


    Our new 300 series hybrid, InVigor L343PC, as well as InVigor 340PC, InVigor L345PC, InVigor Choice LR344PC, InVigor L357P, InVigor L233P, InVigor L255PC and InVigor L234PC with patented pod shatter reduction technology from BASF give growers the flexibility to consider delayed swathing or straight cutting at harvest. The unique pod shatter reduction technology protects the seed left in the pods from pod drop and premature shatter.

    LibertyLink Canola System

    • Liberty herbicide use on InVigor canola hybrids with the LibertyLink trait provides an excellent means for growers to rotate non-selective herbicide systems to effectively manage tough to control weeds.
    • Provides an alternative herbicide tolerance system
    • Unique mode of action


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    For maximum yield potential in canola, hit the sweet spot in plant population.
    Based on extensive research on InVigor Canola from BASF, the recommended plant population is 5-7 plants per square foot. See how to get the most out of your canola acres with InVigor Canola and a targeted plant population plan.

    For maximizing canola plant survivability, start with getting the right seeding rate.
    After years of research, the InVigor Product Excellence team has determined a recommended seeding rate of 10 seeds per square foot, based on an expected 60% survivability rate. See all the ways you can get the most from every acre.

    Always read and follow label directions.

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