Stoneville® Legacy Club™

When you plant cotton, you also grow Southern pride. That’s why the Stoneville Legacy Club was created, to celebrate hard-earned harvests from outstanding growers.

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2018 Stoneville Legacy Club Members
Twenty growers earned membership to the Stoneville Legacy Club for their 2018 growing season and were recognized for harvesting yields in the top 10 percent of their state:

Name Operation Name* City State Yield
John R. & Jennifer Wallace   Crawfordsville AR 1,816
Wes & Vonda Kirkpatrick Rondo Farms Tillar AR 2,043
Clayton Anderson   Register GA 1,279
Bart Waller H.B. Waller III Clyo GA 1,360
Lea & Jodi Calloway Calloway Farm Partnership Monroe LA 1,350
Gregg Mayberry   Bernie MO 1,916
Keys Arnold Woolfolk Farms Tunica MS 1,753
Lewis Barksdale Barksdale Farms Clarksdale MS 1,862
Colt Hinson   Evergreen NC 1,309
Craig & Melissa Rogers Rogers Farms Chadbourn NC 1,280
Scottie Winslow & Dickie Winslow Winslow Brothers Farms Belvidere NC 1,328
Matt Ransom Ransom Farms Little River SC 1,206
Mark & Becky Landry Landry Farms Knippa TX 2,266
Glenn Hawkins L&G Farms Emporia VA 1,324

Of those who qualified for the Stoneville Legacy Club, the following growers received special awards in their regions:


South Texas/Delta

Award Name and Operation
Highest Yield Mark & Becky Landry, Landry Farms 2,276 lbs./acre
Most Acres Mark & Becky Landry, Landry Farms 254 acres
Most Varieties Lea & Jodi Calloway, Calloway Farm Partnership ST 5471GLTP, ST 5517GLTP, ST 5122GLT


Award Name and Operation
Highest Yield Bart Waller, H.B. Waller III 1,360 lbs./acre
Most Acres Matt Ransom, Ransom Farms 920 acres
Most Varieties Matt Ransom, Ransom Farms ST 4848GLT, ST 5020GLT, ST 6182GLT, ST 4946GLB2

To become a member of the club, growers had to meet the following criteria:

  • Plant 100 percent Stoneville cotton seed on a minimum of 20 acres from January 1, 2018 - December 31, 2018.
  • Grow cotton in one of the following states: AL, AR, FL, GA, LA, MO, MS, NC, NM, OK, SC, TN, TX and VA.
  • Provide gin recap sheets to verify yield.
  • Register cotton in the Authentic Stoneville Cotton program.


To learn more about the Stoneville Legacy Club, contact your local BASF Seed Advisor.