Surtain™ Herbicide

Introducing Surtain herbicide for corn, a powerful PPO residual with innovative solid encapsulation technology that allows for pre- or early post-application. Don’t chase weeds. Attack them. 

Benefits of Surtain Herbicide

Residual Endurance

Attacks weeds when they’re weakest with control or suppression of 79 grass and broadleaf weeds, including Palmer amaranth, waterhemp and giant ragweed.

Unique Chemistry Combo

First-of-its-kind solid encapsulation herbicide technology means residual PPO chemistry can be applied pre- through early post in corn.


Enjoy greater application flexibility with the freedom to use Surtain herbicide at full rates and as a tank mix partner.*

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    Unleash residual power early

    Surtain herbicide is the latest innovation for corn acres from BASF. With novel solid encapsulation technology, it brings powerful PPO residual chemistry into a pre- through early post-application.


    Acuron Herbicide vs Surtain Herbicide

    The Surtain difference

    Surtain herbicide is the first of its kind and a truly new early-season solution for fighting resistant weeds and preserving the tools you use for seasons to come. You can now apply a group 14 herbicide pre- through early post-emergence and get excellent crop safety and residual weed control.


    Plus, when you choose Surtain herbicide, you’re getting more than a corn herbicide. You’re getting a vast network of support from a company that’s committed to bringing progressive solutions to farmers. And Surtain herbicide is just the first of many innovations to come.


    How it works

    Surtain herbicide combines residual endurance, a unique chemistry, and flexibility to control or suppress 79 grass and broadleaf weeds, including waterhemp and giant ragweed. Once weeds reach 6 inches, they can cause a 7% yield loss. Now you have a powerful PPO inhibitor herbicide to attack them before they have a chance to emerge.


    Solid encapsulation technology only available from BASF makes it possible to apply PPO chemistry as soon as 3 weeks after planting, with 8 weeks of residual activity. Surtain herbicide is also an excellent tank mix partner and has two sites of action, enhanced liquid fertilizer compatibility, and the flexibility to use at full rates and follow with any labeled product.

    Novel solid encapsulation technology

    What makes Surtain herbicide noteworthy? From the naked eye, it remains a liquid. But on a microscopic level, this first-of-its-kind formulation protects the active ingredient in a solid form until water hits the chemical and activates it. Solid capsule herbicide technology maintains crop safety while unleashing powerful PPO residual chemistry early in the season.

    Liquid encapsulation vs solid encapsulation in herbicides

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