RevylokTM Fungicide Trial Results: A Game-Changer for Southern Soybean Farmers

Soybean field

The latest soybean fungicide solution from BASF, Revylok fungicide, is a high performing solution that brings together two of the newest, active ingredients: Xemium® fungicide and Revysol® fungicide. With these two unique modes of action, Revylok fungicide aids in premium disease control and prevention in soybeans. Built as a disease control powerhouse explicitly designed for farmers where unrelenting disease pressure is robbing them of valuable bushels, it is highly suited for Southern soybean geographies. With its relentless preventative and curative disease control, Revylok fungicide is made to tackle even the most challenging pathogens, working for you in the field long after application. This means that you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that Revylok helps protect your crops against the diseases that threaten your yields all season. 

How Does Revylok Fungicide Perform in the Field?

We conducted field trials in several soybean growing locations, including Mississippi, Louisiana, and Arkansas, testing the effectiveness of Revylok fungicide against tough soybean diseases like frogeye leaf spot, target spot, and white mold.


The yield trial results are impressive, with Revylok fungicide outperforming the untreated check, on average, by 7.3 bu/A, as well as outyielding both Miravis® Top fungicide,Delaro® Complete fungicide, Lucento® Fungicide, Aproach® Prima Fungicide, and Trivapro® Fungicide. 

Revylok Trial Data Chart

Revylok fungicide trial results have shown that this product is a game-changer for southern soybean farmers.


Revylok fungicide is now available for your 2024 Crop Plans

You wanted a fungicide that would last all season, and we delivered. Now we can proudly say that you  don’t have to take our word for it, the trial results prove that Revylok fungicide outperforms competitors. You only get results like these from the combination of season-long protection, premium disease control and consistent performance you expect from BASF.

Learn more about Revylok fungicide and read on about how you can stop losing valuable acres to disease.

To be one of the first to protect your soybean yields with Revylok fungicide, talk with your crop consultant, retailer or BASF Agronomic Services Advisor how to integrate it into your 2024 crop plans.

Read and follow the applicable restrictions and limitations and directions for use on all product labels involved in tank mixing. Users must follow the most restrictive directions for use and precautionary statements of each product in the tank mixture.


Summary of 2020–2023 BASF, partially/fully sponsored University, Consultant small-plot replicated trials and simulated* Revylok fungicide RevX Fields On-Farm demos conducted with a rate equivalent to 5.5 fl oz/A. Miravis Top fungicide 13.7 fl oz/A, Lucento fungicide 5.5 fl oz/A, Trivapro fungicide 13.7 fl oz/A, Aproach Prima fungicide 6.8 fl oz/A, Delaro Complete fungicide 8 fl oz/A or Delaro fungicide 8 fl oz/A + Luna® Privilege fungicide 2 fl oz/A.



Trials occurred in the following states: AR, GA, KY, TN, LA, IN, NE, IL, MS, MO, NC, OH.

*Revylok fungicide values are derived from results of tank mix application combining the active Fluxapyroxad (Xemium ® fungicide) and Mefentrifluconazole (Revysol® fungicide) at a rate equivalent to 5.5 fl oz/A.


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