Protection that grows

Poncho® Votivo® Precise Seed Treatment

Poncho Votivo Precise seed treatment delivers key protection of insects and nematodes with combination of insecticide and biological for increased yield protection. The protection by Poncho Votivo Precise against the leading yield robber in soybeans (SCN) grows with the root system. The living biological barrier protects over multiple nematode generations and from a wide range of nematode species  to prevent damage.

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    Benefits of Poncho® Votivo® Precise Seed Treatment

    • Increased plant growth and vigor leading to additional yield potential
    • Immediate protection from key above- and below-ground insect threats
    • Living biological barrier protection from a wide range of nematode pests
    • Enhanced root growth and biomass 
    • Protection from multiple generations of nematodes that grow with the root system


    How Poncho Votivo Precise Works:

    Protection that Grows to Defend Against Nematode Damage

    Poncho Votivo Precise seed treatment contains the bacteria (Bacillus firmus I-1582) that colonizes and grows with the root system over the growing season.

    • The bacteria create a living barrier that grows with young roots during the critical stage of plant establishment, protecting against two generations of nematodes.

    • The bacteria compete with nematodes for space and food resources. 

    • As a result, fewer nematodes reach the root surface, and some even die from lack of nutrients.

    Bar graph showing the results of Poncho Votivo Precise plus a base controls SCN eggs.

    SCN control with Poncho Votivo Precise

    Votivo seed treatment creates a living barrier protecting against two generations of nematodes.

    Votivo seed treatment creates a living barrier protecting against two generations of nematodes.

    Microscopic view of a soybean root showing Votivo seed treatment growing on it.

    Votivo seed treatment growing on soybean roots.


    SCN Is the Most Damaging Soybean Disease and Is Widespread Across Soybean Geographies

    It is estimated that $1.5 billion in annual yield loss occurs from SCN. That's more than $70,000 in revenue for a 1,000-acre soybean grower at an estimated yield impact of 5.1 bu/A1.


    1 Crop Protection Network, Disease Loss Estimates, 2015 - 2022. SCN Coalition Grower Survey (2020) yield loss x $14/bu commodity price.

    Soybean Cyst Nematode was detected in 86% of sampled fields.

    Strong Plants for Stronger Yields

    Poncho Votivo Precise seed treatment helps growers take advantage of early-season planting opportunities to achieve higher yield potentials by protecting plant roots against early insect pests and nematode damage and improving plant vigor and growth at critical development stages.

    Poncho Votivo Precise Seed Treatment Delivers Increased Yield Potentials


    Take Advantage of Early Planting with Poncho Votivo Precise Seed Treatment


    Broad-Spectrum Insect Protection for Early-Season Vigor

    Poncho Votivo Precise seed treatment provides strong performance against a broad spectrum of damaging insect pests to support early-season plant vigor. The insecticidal active ingredient delivers immediate efficacy from key early-season insects including aphids, seed corn maggots, bean leaf beetle, white grubs, and grape colaspis.


    Immediate Efficacy and Systemic Activity to Protect from Early Insect Damage

    • Immediate insect efficacy and protection against many early season insects, early season soybean aphids, overwintering bean leaf beetles, seed corn magots, grape colaspis and others.
    • Systemic activity and is absorbed by new roots immediately, protecting the plant from pests both above and below ground.
    • Consistent performance from highest intrinsic activity at the CNI receptor in its chemical class.

    o   Conversely, the conversion of Cruiser® 5FS to clothianidin (the insecticide active in Poncho Votivo Precise) in both insects and plants is influenced by environmental factors. Clothianidin is important for the insecticidal potency of Cruiser 5FS.  

    BASF vs Syngenta

    V1 soybean side-by-side comparison of PRIME Soybean Package (Obvius Plus, Poncho Votivo, Relenya) from BASF + ILEVO + Vault IP Plus compared to the Syngenta Package of CruiserMAX APX + Saltro.

    Pair with ILEVO® Seed Treatment for Triple-Action Protection 

    Poncho Votivo Precise and ILEVO seed treatments deliver industry-leading protection of the root system from plant pathogenic nematodes. Sudden Death Syndrome impact can be exacerbated by nematode pressures making it critical to manage SDS and nematodes together.

    Poncho Votivo Precise + ILEVO Seed Treatment: Together They Deliver Unmatched Nematode and SDS Protection

    • ILEVO controls the root rot and foliar phases of Sudden Death Syndrome.
    • ILEVO delivers seedzone protection against the leading pest in soybean, SCN.
    • Poncho Votivo Precise offers consistent and immediate above- and below-ground insect efficacy.
    • Together >> Delivers 2 modes of action for long-lasting, broad spectrum multi-generation nematode protection.
    • Together >> Provides early-season plant growth benefits supporting increased yield potentials.
    ILEVO Seed Treatment logo. The proven winner against both SCN and SDS


    Poncho Votivo Precise Against Other Seed Treatment Products

    Chart comparing Poncho Votivo Precise seed treatment with Gaucho, Cruiser, and ILEVO seed treatments and the insects each control.


    Key Pests

    Strong on Insect and Nematode Pests, Supporting Early-Season Plant Vigor

    ·        Aphids

    ·        Bean leaf Beetle

    ·        Grape Colaspis

    ·        Leafhoppers

    ·        Seed Corn Maggot

    ·        Three-Cornered Alfalfa Hopper

    ·        Thrips

    ·        White Grubs

    ·        Wireworm

    ·        Reniform Nematode

    ·        Root Knot Nematode

    ·        Soybean Cyst Nematode


    The list of pests controlled by this product is from the Environmental Protection Agency-approved Federal Label. Please click on 'Labels / MSDS' for special or state-labeled pests. Always read and follow label instructions.

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