Freedom to use across today's trait systems.

Liberty® Herbicide gives you the tried-and-true performance you expect and the peace-of-mind you deserve for your soybean trait system.

Freedom of choice

Freedom to use on your soybean trait system, including Enlist E3® , and XtendFlex®.

Freedom from stress

Broad-spectrum performance. Backed by The Liberty® Herbicide Weed Control Guarantee Program.

Freedom in simplicity

With only traditional label requirements to follow, farmers enjoy a simpler application process.

Freedom to use on today's soybean trait systems

Enlist E3® Soybeans

XtendFlex® Soybeans






Soybean Traits

Liberty® Herbicide should be used as
part of a total system approach with
pre and post residual herbicides and
incorporate multiple, effective
herbicide modes of action (MOA).

Application Best Practices

Liberty Herbicide Application Best Practices

Fight weed resistance and get the most out of your Liberty herbicide application by following our application tips and best practices. 

Post-Emergent Herbicide for Soybeans

Learn more about Liberty herbicide from BASF for effective post-emergent weed control and flexibility to use across enabled soybean traits.

The New Standard in Application Flexibility

Liberty Herbicide Chart

  Red under Soy Trait Flexibility = Product cannot be used on trait platform. 

  Red under Broad-Spectrum Control = Product isn’t effective on those weeds or there is resistance. 

  Orange = There are restrictions or limitations. Useable but less convenient.


Soybean Program Recommendation

Liberty® Herbicide should be used as part of a total system approach with pre and post residual herbicides and incorporate multiple, effective herbicide modes of action (MOA).


Application Best Practices 

Bolster Your Yields with Added Protection

Advance every acre with The Soy Specialists

Don't let pigweed hold back your potential.


Your Peace of Mind, Backed by The Liberty® Herbicide Weed Control Guarantee Program

When you choose Liberty herbicide, you’re getting more than a great product — you’re getting access to the unparalleled expertise at BASF.


We take pride in our field team’s #1 ranking by growers. Our team of Business Representatives and Agriculture Solutions Advisors are always standing by to make sure you fully understand the capabilities of Liberty Herbicide and how to use it.


Liberty Herbicide is proven to effectively control even the toughest weeds, both grasses and broadleaf weeds. We are so confident in its weed control that BASF stands behind its performance with the Liberty® Herbicide Weed Control Guarantee Program.


When Liberty Herbicide is applied according to label instructions and the S.T.O.P. application guidelines are followed, we are confident it will meet commercially acceptable control. If commercially acceptable control isn’t met, talk to your retailer or BASF representative for re-spray assistance on the affected acres.

Questions? Feel free to reach out.


Always read and follow label directions.


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Results based on five years of trials where Liberty herbicide is applied according to S.T.O.P. Weeds with Liberty herbicide guidelines and as part of a complete weed control program where an effective residual product is used followed by Liberty herbicide. Greater application flexibility compared to other trait-specific herbicides currently available.