Dominate early pigweed. Win the preseason.

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Don’t give early pigweed
a shot on your home field.

What’s true for sports is also true for soybeans—the season really is won before it even starts. To win, it takes preparation. It takes the work you put into your weed control program. It takes attacking that early, unwanted pigweed by upgrading to a pre-emergent with a powerful, long-lasting residual like Zidua® PRO Herbicide from BASF.

Preseason Plays

Zidua® Pro Herbicide

Lightning bolt with arrows pointing around it in a circular motion with a green background


Fast and complete burndown across many trait platforms.

Three connecting hexagons, one with a leaf illustration within it, with a green background


Up to two weeks longer residual than many competitive products.1

The number two with an illustration of two leafs beneath it, with a green background


Three SOAs for broad-spectrum weed control and build-in resistance management.

Burndown Blitz

Protect yield from preseason weed competition

Dominating early-season weeds is vital when defending soybean yield, as weeds can directly reduce yield by competing for light, moisture and nutrients. Running a pre-emergent residual play can help defend yield when weather or workload delays post-emergent herbicide applications. 


Flexibility of post-emergent herbicide timing

When tough weeds cause unexpected blocked shots, you need consistent control and flexibility in your crop protection game plan. A two-week delay in planting could impact soybean yield up to 8.82 bu/A.2


With Zidua® PRO herbicide, there’s no soybean-planting interval in most soils. You can plant your beans and spray Zidua PRO herbicide the same day — something you can’t do with some other herbicides.


Zidua PRO herbicide provides up to three- to five-times faster burndown than 2,4-D ester or glyphosate alone on tough broadleaf weeds.3

Residual Attack

2 weeks longer residual across trait platforms

When you’re up against a tough opponent like broadleaf weeds, you need a powerful playmaker. A tough pre-emergent like Zidua PRO herbicide delivers, giving you up to two weeks longer residual than competitive products.1 The result? Your home field stays cleaner, longer on any trait platform.


More consistent from planting to post-application

A great offense against broadleaf weeds starts with a consistent defense. A powerful pre-emergent like Zidua PRO herbicide takes this philosophy to a whole new level. With its convenient premix formulation and no planting restrictions on most soils, you can depend on Zidua PRO herbicide to deliver a successful season against tough opponents.

Multi Give and Go

Resistance Stewardship

Weed resistance is an opponent that is only getting tougher. Relying on only a single, post-emergent herbicide site of action is no longer sustainable for boxing out resistant weeds.


Full-court pressing with a pre-emergent herbicide with residual will not only reduce early-season weed pressure for more consistent post-emergent herbicide coverage, but also extend your application window. 


Dishing out multiple sites of action to reduce selection pressure for resistant weeds is essential for your weed control game plan.


Three Sites of Action

The three sites of action in Zidua PRO herbicide delivers sustainability in the battle against weed resistance, as well as broad-spectrum weed control, including residual for grass and broadleaf weeds.


Flexibility Across Traits

Zidua PRO herbicide is a game changer for most soybean systems as it works with Roundup Ready®, LibertyLink®, non-GMO and Roundup Ready 2 Xtend®, XtendFlex®, Enlist E3®, and in conventional tillage, no-till and reduced-till systems.

Meet Your Offense

Teammate: Zidua® Pro Herbicide


Position: Powerful foundational pre-emergent herbicide that's an all-in-one jug solution from burndown through residual


Bio: An elite talent with fast and complete burndown with up to two weeks longer residual than many competitive products. With built-in resistance management and no planting restrictions on most soil types, it brings the pain on pigweed when you need it.



  • Game changing combination of three sites of action (or ‘SOAs’) for broad-spectrum weed control  
  • Strong defender against waterhemp and Palmer amaranth  
  • Flexibility to spray before planting or plant and spray on the same day (except on sandy, low organic matter soils) 
  • Convenient premix formulation with quick burndown and up to two weeks longer residual1 
  • Powered by Kixor® herbicide for fast and complete burndown



Label and SDS

1 BASF sponsored studies conducted nationally in 2015 and 2016

2 Spect , J.E., G.L. Zoubek , B.S. VanDeWalle , D.L. Varner. 2012. Soybean planting date When and why. University of Nebraska Extension Publication EC145. 

Website: (last accessed March 10, 2014)

3 Internal BASF Trials


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